Oh what fun it is to be a preschooler these days! To be a parent of preschoolers is even more fun! I am really enjoying my children, their preschool, and everything about their childhood. Ok, the meltdowns from all three toddlers can be annoying, but that comes from being NORMAL children. They are a daily joy, in spite of all the poop (it seems like some days I change a diaper every 15-20 minutes), fit throwing, melt downs, and crying. It is a package deal, so I will take it All! Having the more challenging moments in the day actually makes the happy times even more joyful. The today, a moment when Brielle was showing the boys how to do a puzzle and they are watching her happy and engaged in the activity. Or yesterday, when she put on her costume to wear for preschool and she was over the moon excited! She was literally jumping up and down gleefully chanting at the top of her voice “I am Cindy Lou! I am Cindy Lou! I am Cindy Lou!

I enjoy seeing my kids at their preschool. They have true joy in their eyes when I peek into their classrooms and they don’t know I am watching. My children LOVE their preschool. I love it too. They learn so much, all while having a wonderful, happy, joyful time at school. I can honestly say I haven’t had a single complaint about the school EVER pop into my mind! It is the people that make it such a great school. The staff, teachers, and administrators are a group of caring, sweet, loving individuals who genuinely enjoy the kids and their work.

They make every holiday special. They make every season special. Brielle was there last year, so I know the ropes this year. Which makes things easier, as all three attend two days a week. This week was fall celebration! They did a candy/treat exchange. All the kids dressed up yesterday too! They had a costume parade for the parents to attend. It was adorable!! Brielle was Cindy Lou from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and the twins were NASA astronauts. I loved seeing all the little tots dressed up. Parents are extremely creative and I can tell others enjoy this time of year as much as I do. It is about fun, joy, and celebrating the change of seasons. The costumes and candy are an added bonus!

Here are some photos from Thursday when they were dressed in costume and during their school costume parade. I also added a few photos of friends, as they were too cute for words!:

The preschool is extremely creative with their projects. They create such adorable and memorable artwork. They often use hand and foot prints in the art, which makes it a keepsake! The pumpkin on the wall hanging Brielle helped make is actually her footprints!

preschool halloween 2015 (16)