Thank you to Spirit airlines for the great flight prices (like under $50 one way for flights between Dallas as Fort Myers) and my Dad discovering these great fares and telling Rachel and I about them! Because of them, Rachel booked a last-minute flight to come to Dallas to visit. She brought her new precious bundle of joy along too! Thanks to my parents for watching Rachel and Matthew’s two girls too! Her husband Matthew was working on a trial in Texas, so he was able to come to stay for the weekend too! They arrived on Thursday and then returned home this morning (Sunday). It was a brief, but wonderful time with them!

The kids loved meeting their new cousin. Although, we did have to tell them to not poke the eyes of their 5 week old cousin and keep their hands out of his mouth. Yikes! The things you have to tell kids!

We spent a bit of time shopping while they visited. I had our nanny Taylor and her sister Jenna help with the kids a bit while Rachel and Matthew visited so that we could shop and get out of the house without my three kids in tow. Because, really, when all three of my kids tag along we don’t get much shopping done. It’s more like chasing toddler time.

On Thursday night we did our usual of scrabble playing, movie watching, and eating good food. I won’t say that I won, but just that it was a great game and I played very well. We are quite competitive and I dare say there aren’t many people who can beat us. I have all the two letter words in the dictionary memorized (not joking, as for serious scrabble players this is very important). We get in a few Bingos each game too (a Bingo in scrabble means you use all 7 of your tiles in one turn which is an extra 50 points in addition to the word score). We used to both play online from afar and with other competitive players. Then…we started having kids and the free time evaporated. But,Yes, I am a geek at heart. Shhh…don’t tell anyone.


Then on Friday, Rachel and I, along with Brielle and new baby all went shopping for the day. It was a great day! Southlake has some awesome stores we hit up including Lilly Pulitzer, Anthropology, Nordstrom Rack, Oozles, Zar, and Soft Surroundings. We like a variety of places and will shop anywhere we can find a good deal and we like at least some of their clothing. We don’t have to like it all, just some is good enough. Friday was a lovely day in the 70’s, so Justin grilled steaks on the grill and we watched the kids play outside in the evening. As the sun began setting the air became cool enough to put on the fireplace outside.

Of course we played more Scrabbled and watched some Netflix once we got the kids off to bed. Saturday morning was some family time and then we went to Sam Moon for shopping. I hadn’t been there in over a year and was so thrilled to find that now sell LOTS of hats! Rachel and I both bought hats that we worn on Saturday night when we went with our husbands to Reunion Tower in Dallas. We had appetizers, drinks, and played the game (app) Heads Up at the top of the tower in their Lounge area overlooking the city high up. Great atmosphere to watch the sun set!

Here are some photos we took at Reunion Tower:



Then we headed home, picking up Sushi takeout on the way so Rachel and I could get back for some more scrabble and Netflix. We probably stayed up a little bit too late, as they had a morning flight and we served at Church in the morning. But it was worth it, as the time with Rachel, Matthew and the new precious baby was too short! Such a good baby too! He tagged along everywhere with us including shopping and Reunion tower and was SO good! Miss you all already!!