Brielle learned about setting the table at preschool today. She volunteered to help set the table for the family tonight. That got me thinking about the simple place mat she brought home from school. I thought, we need these for each member of the family! That way she can use them every night, at every place setting, and will know exactly where to place plates, cups, and utensils. I like having the kids help out as early as possible. She is now making her bed, opening shades throughout the house in the morning, picking up toys, and we can now put setting the table on the list at age 4!

Using my Print Shop program on my laptop I created these sheets. I am posting them here in a printable jpeg so anyone can use them! I printed 5 copies for our family and then Brielle decorated them!

place setting

We had a good time decorating them together and then we laminated them, so we can use them again and again. I have mentioned my laminater before. I must use mine at least once a week. It has been worth every penny! You can always buy self laminating sheets, but they don’t work as well, and can be frustrating trying to make them straight and bubble free. The laminater takes the guess work out it all and I like to do things the easy way!
Brielle was quite proud of her work and we can’t wait to use them!