On our trip down to Round Top, TX we stopped at Magnolia in Waco. Ever since we heard that HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines opened a store in Waco, TX Justin and I have wanted to go and see it! Their show Fixer Upper is one of our favorites. Then we learned that they are great Christian folks, and we loved them even more! If you haven’t seen their show then you need to check it out on HGTV. Chip is hilarious and Joanna is extremely talented, thoughtful, and kind hearted.  Their store was such a neat place! It is not just a store…it is so much more.

At the entrance of Magnolia

At the entrance of Magnolia

Inside the shop. I didn’t take too many photos, as it was crowded.

I shopped inside while Justin and the kids played outside. They have an astro turf field, with lots of balls and games for people to enjoy while they are at Magnolia. It is such a cool atmosphere and experience that they created!

They also had an area for causal eating outside and food trucks. Lots of food trucks!

They have an up and coming garden store area! I will have to check it out when it opens. It gives me another reason to go to their store again!

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