We had a terrible, awful past few days. Justin and I have wanted to go to Round Top, TX since we moved here. It is an event that happens only twice a year in Round Top, TX. It is an antique fair that has thousands of vendors. The event goes on for miles and miles. The original venue/grounds that started this event www.roundtoptexasantiques.com was what we found online when searching for the event, so we thought we would check it out and go from there. We wanted to go shop there because we like authentic vintage Asian décor in our home. This event is well known across the county and has mentions on Antiques Road Show as well as Fixer Upper on HGTV. With Round Top being one of the largest antique events in the country and it being just a 4 hour drive away, we decided to book a hotel and make it a family adventure.

The trip began great. Easy drive. We picked up the kids from pre-school early, so they slept in the car all the way to Waco. Waco was a good halfway point to stop for a bit, so we stopped and shopped (and played) at Magnolia. Then it was back in the car for the last 2 hours on the road. We checked into our hotel and then Justin went to the Mexican restaurant next to the hotel to bring dinner back to the room for the kids and I. It was supposed to be a nice relaxing evening and then the next day we were going to shop, browse, play, and eat….But it didn’t happen that way. I ended up with food poisoning. I know it was the food, because Charlie had 1 small bite of my dinner and threw up. I did that and so much more. I will spare the details, but I will say I was up all night, I never slept in a bed that night, and by 6 am we were headed to the ER. I was diagnosed with food poisoning. I was put on an IV as I was severely dehydrated. I was given lots of meds via IV too.  I couldn’t even walk. They had staff members waiting at the curb with a wheelchair for me before we even arrived. We had to call OnStar for directions to the nearest ER, so OnStar in turn, called the ER for us and they had a room ready and waiting for me. I am thankful for the hospital staff giving me immediate attention, as I couldn’t even give them my name as they were checking me in….I literally was that sick. It is a blur, but I do remember getting kind and thoughtful help from the operators (they had 2 people on the call for us) from OnStar, as well as the ER staff (we ended up having to go all the way to Austin for ER care).

(As I was typing this blog entry my husband showed me his IPhone and look what he had! A pic of me and the kids at the ER. I find it amusing now, but I am sure I wouldn't have at that moment, had I known he was taking pics of me on a hospital gurney)

(As I was typing this blog entry my husband showed me his IPhone and look what he had! A pic of me and the kids at the ER. I find it amusing now, but I am sure I wouldn’t have at that moment, had I known he was taking pics of me on a hospital gurney)

The entire next day I can’t really remember. Once I was medicated I slept. I slept an entire day away, almost 24 solid hours. No kidding. I was really sick. I feel bad for my husband and kids, as they couldn’t leave me alone with me being that sick. We were 4 hours from home, so they were stuck in a hotel room with me while I slept. I do recall hearing lots of “shhhhh…your Mommy is very sick and needs to sleep so please be quiet!”. Thank goodness for Ipads! The kids got their yearly fill of cartoon time that day I am sure. That’s ok though, Sometimes we are literally just trying to survive. The sold out hotel accommodated us, and allowed us to stay another night. Thank goodness, because I was in no condition to go anywhere!

After 24 hours of sleep I was better, but not quite myself. I wasn’t sure how I was exactly feeling, but I didn’t want to go home without at least checking out the Round Top event. Justin, my sweet husband complied with my request. I wish I can say we had a great day shopping. After 10 minutes of walking I was done. I literally started seeing black spots so I had to get back to the car. So when all is said and done, I spent exactly 15 minutes out of the car at Round Top. That was the extent of my shopping ventures. I did manage to snap a couple of pics while we were walking into one of the buildings. Great stuff, I just wish I could have seen it better and without blurred vision.

Here is a pic of my boys. You know I must not have been feeling well if this is how they were dressed- Ha!

Round Top (3)

After our 15 minute shopping venture I was back in the car for the 4 hour trip home. Well, more like 6 hours. It would have been 4, but Justin had to stop to take some work conference calls and we stopped to let the kids play at a McDonald’s playland. We managed though, and made it home safe and sound this evening. My sweet and good friend Kathryn had dropped off Gatorade and food for me that my stomach would tolerate. It was so thoughtful of her!

The reason we had wanted to go to Round Top was to find two vintage cabinets. One for a hallway area and the other for our bathroom. They needed to be under 20′ deep to fit the space for both of those areas. I have been searching online and at estate sales for months for these pieces. I wanted authentic, Asian, vintage pieces in great quality condition. I check Craigslist and Ebay at least once a week for these items. I have my search terms memorized now, so it is a quick task to search. We even went down to the Dallas design district recently and scoured all of their antique and design stores. I hadn’t found anything…until today!!! Of all days, the day we return from our failed trip to Round Top. Someone in Colleyville had listed an item for sale yesterday. I texted the person and she texted me back within a minute. She sent me additional photos and everything! It was a nice couple, in a very lovely neighborhood, who were moving and this piece did not fit in their new home. It is EVERYTHING I had been looking for! It turns out I didn’t need to go to Round Top at all (although I may go again, just not anytime soon, as the memory is still to fresh in my mind)! I just needed to wait for God to provide the exact piece I was looking for just 15 minutes from my house. This piece of furniture made my week. Not because it is a material possession and great find (although it truly is and was an excellent deal too). This made my week because it proved to me that God’s ways are always better. There is NO WAY I could have found a piece this quality and this beautiful for what I paid. This nice couple even brought it out and helped load it into my SUV. Only God could work like this and make things so easy in the end. I think I will pray next time to skip the misery along the way though.

I had to share a pic of our “new” (old) piece of furniture. Now I get to organize and fill it up! Thank you to the sweet couple that sold it to us! We absolutely love it.