I  have another article published on LifeHack.org. This article is about comparing ourselves to others. Particularly, comparing ourselves to the proverbial “Joneses”. Below is a portion of this article with a link below it to continue reading. Please share this article if it resonates with you or you feel someone you know could benefit from reading it. The article is currently the “Featured” article on their money section.

“Oh my goodness did you see the new Mercedes Kate just posted on Facebook? She is so lucky. My car is 6 years old and needs a new transmission.”

“No, but did you see the Instagram photos of Jessica’s family ski vacation in the Alps? It makes our weekend at Six Flags seem pitiful.”

The current culture of prevalent social media has made it too easy for everyone to compare their lives to others, especially when it comes to material items and vacations. We can see the lives of friends, family, and others on social media and it becomes easy to want everything they have. We may even feel we deserve what they have. We can literally make ourselves miserable and unhappy by wanting what others have…..

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It’s Time to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

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