My friend Delana recently shared on Facebook about the craft crate business that she and her husband started. I loved that each of these crafts included a bible story and inspirational message to read to your child while doing the craft. I contacted Delana and asked her to send me a craft crate because I wanted to share with everyone about this awesome product that other parents can get their hands on too. I have never asked someone to send me their product so I could blog about it, but I really loved what she and her husband created.

The crates come with all the supplies and detailed instructions making it easy to do these crafts. They are all Christmas themed which makes these perfect for the holidays and buying as a gift for loved ones. My favorite part is the stories that are included with the crafts. They are the perfect length, short and concise, but interesting to the kids. I love being able to share the Christmas story with my kids. I think we don’t do this often enough at home. We know they are learning it at church, Sunday School, and at school (if they go to a Christian school). But WE, as parents, need to be sharing the Bible and especially the stories of Christmas and Easter with our children. I want my children to know how important these stories are in the Bible and they are a part of our faith and lives. If I am not telling my kids these stories and I depend on others to share these truths from the Bible, then I am falling short on being a good Christian parent. These craft crates create an easy and fun way to share these Bible stories while also doing art with my kids.

All three of my kids enjoy doing art projects. Their attention span is short, especially for the twins who will be 3 next month. However, they participated in the two crafts we completed so far! We created a Nativity Snow Globe and made a Christmas Cross- both projects from the Craft Crate. Our next project will be the Advent wreath. I am saving that one to do with my nieces when they are in town for Thanksgiving.

Brielle with the snow globe we completed.

Brielle with the snow globe we completed.

Here are my kids working on the Christmas Cross together. This was easy enough for all three kids to participate together. The finished product is beautiful! It is now hanging in the window of their playroom. A great reminder that Christmas is about Christ, his birth and then death on the cross for our sins so we can all be redeemed.

I am hoping they will make craft crates for Easter as well! They are fun, easy, and help create meaningful and fun family memories. To order your Christmas Craft Crate go their link: