We decorated the upstairs Kid’s Christmas tree on Sunday night. It’s the tree that gets all the handmade, sentimental, and special ornaments. Each ornament on this tree is unique. My kids put all the ornaments on the front of the tree, Justin decorated the back, and my job was to put all the tree hooks on each ornament for easy hanging. The kids love the tree even more because they decorated it themselves. They also liked seeing their baby first Christmas photo ornmanents. Well, for the twins anyway. Brielle asked where hers was. I think I will have to work on that this year. Hobby Lobby here I come.

The upstairs turned out pretty! I love that I won’t have much decorating to do after Thanksgiving. Instead I can enjoy the Christmas season with less work. I was shocked how helpful the kids were! Let’s keep that enthusiam to help decorating going through the years!