I love Kids’ birthday parties. Tonight Brielle and I went to Abagail’s Birthday party. It was held at a local dance studio. It was such a neat and inventive party! There  were two dance instructors that led the party activities. The kids first had a dance party, strobe lights and all! Then they played some games that the dance instructors directed. After the games, the dance instructors kicked the parents out of the studio so they could teach the kids a choreographed number to show the parents. It was so good! I couldn’t believe they learned an entire dance in about 35 minutes! They did such a good job. After they showed us the dance number we took some group photos, and then had a great dinner. They had a custom dinner catered by Scratch Kitchen in Southlake. It was awesome! After dinner the kids went back into the dance studio to play some more games. Abagail is a natural born leader and directed the games this time! She had them playing hide-and-go-seek, freeze dance, tag, and duck-duck-goose. Brielle was tired about half way through the party (since she goes to bed before 7pm, and we were at the party until 8 pm). She certainly rose to the occasion once Abagail started hosting games after the dinner! Abagail had all the kids doing exactly as directed and spoke to them with kindness and authority beyond her years. She is a remarkable leader. I told one of the other Moms as she was leading the other kids “Either Abagail will be a teacher or a top level CEO someday”. Either way, she is obviously blessed with a gift of leading others and doing it well!


After the party we headed home at a little past 8 pm. I assumed my twins were in bed since their bedtime is at 6:30. However, Justin had them wait up for me. Since it is my birthday they wanted to help me celebrate. They sang me happy birthday, gave me gifts, and we had cake. Justin bought me carrot cake from Anything Bundt Cakes. It was a lovely way to end the evening.