I have become very wary about what I put on my skin after I had a serious reaction to an MLM company face product. I ended up in the ER because of large red welts all over my face. Since then I have stuck to mostly basic soap and water. My friend Tonya is now a Beautycounter rep and gave me some products to try out. I love the fact that they use safe products. This information below is good to know:

Most people are extremely cautious with what they put into their body. Avoiding GMO, eating organic, limiting chemicals and eliminating dyes seem to be just some of the priorities that people have regarding what they put into their body. However, our skin is the largest organ we have and we put all sorts of chemicals and toxins on it, especially when it comes to beauty care. I like the fact that Beautycounter is making products that are safe for our skin. They go far above and beyond any FDA regulations for their products. This makes them a company that stands out from the rest out there on the market.

Tonya gave me some products from Beautycounter to try out and I am impressed! I am in love with the Purifying Charcoal Mask. I have used it several times now and it is amazing. It’s easy to use, doesn’t take long, and the effect is wonderful. It literally drew all the impurities and funky junk out of my pores which I then just washed away. It was like using a giant Biore strip for my entire face to draw out oils, impurities, and dirt on my face and in my pores. Unlike a Biore strip though, there is no sticky residue. You just wash away the charcoal mask and your face is left clean and soft. I was impressed with how smooth my skin was! I don’t think I have had skin that soft, smooth, or clean feeling ever. No exaggeration! That was my experience with the Beautycounter Charcoal Mask. And I am not being paid or given anything to say it! I like sharing products that work and I believe in, with my friends and family.

Here is a photo of me with the mask on my face while it was drying. Those darker dots in the photos (on my chin especially) are where there was stuff pulled from my pores by the mask. It really works!!

Here is the after of my face. It has never felt or looked cleaner!

How does Charcoal work on the face? Impurities, bacteria, and grime naturally bind to activated charcoal. Here is a great article on the topic: http://www.besthealthmag.ca/best-looks/beauty/detox-and-beautify-your-skin-and-hair-with-activated-charcoal/  Beautycounter also has a Charcoal soap bar, which is also amazing and you feel very clean after using it!

I won’t personally be selling this product or any other in the near future. However, you can order through my friend Tonya and check out all of the other Beautycounter products as well at: http://www.beautycounter.com/tonyamccrary