An aquantaince of mine via “Southlake Moms” and “Moms of Southlake” Facebook pages has reached out to fellow local Moms these past few months to help the homeless. Her name is Amy Grimes and she has a wonderful, giving, and kind heart. She truly wants to help the homeless. She has coordinated local efforts to collect needs for various local non profits that help those in need including: The Stewpot in Dallas, Grace of Grapevine, TX, and the DRC: Community Solutions to End Homelessness  in Fort Worth. I asked Amy how she got started and she said it was because she met a homeless man in Grapevine. She then said she “needed to become a purposeful giver and be the face of kindness”. She personally reached out to local non profits that help the homeless. She asked them about their needs and went about meeting those needs. I saw one of her postings on one of the Southlake Moms Facebook pages and I wanted to help with what she was doing. I dontated items for “blessing bags” she made that were given out to those in need earlier this fall. These blessings bags each contained a sweater, towel, socks, and toiletries for a homeless man or woman. Because of Amy’s efforts (and the efforts of others too) 500 blessing bags were assembled! All because one person had a vision to make a difference and help others! Go Amy!!! God bless you for all that you are doing!

You too can help! I am so appreciative of Amy’s efforts. She has made it very easy to help others. She sent out a recent email to those who donated to the blessing bags project. She is asking for the following. You can donate too:

Amy also said they also can always use blankets as well. I didn’t have any used coats, so I headed to Walmart to get some. I also found some blankets that were a good deal.

If you can donate anything on the list that would be wonderful! They are collecting until the 20th. I have the drop off locations. You can email me for that info at or you can drop off on my porch anytime this weekend. If you have gently used coats and winter shoes, please consider donating them to this cause. It is good to help the needy in our area (especially when it has been made so easy to help).

If you don’t live in the Dallas or Fort Worth area, then you can reach out to your local homeless shelter or non profits that help the homeless. Just ask what they need and where you can drop it off. It is good to help others, especially during this season of giving.

My kids got in the action, helping me shop, and then load the items into bags.

Not all of us can go down to homeless shelters to feed and serve the needy on a regular basis. We can each help provide for their needs though. It is espcially easy to help when you can donate your gently used items you are no longer using. Men aren’t the only homeless out there. Women and children are also homeslees and have needs. Let’s help when we can. Every small help makes a difference to the one or two people you are helping.