We are hitting the road again soon! This time we are going to Angel Fire, New Mexico to go skiing! It will be an adventure, as our kids have never skied before. The last time I went skiing was before we had kids! Brielle will be going to ski school for a couple of days. I plan to teach the twins myself. I was actually a ski instuctor in college and taught lots of kids to ski. I worked at Wintergreen Resort in Virginia for a couple of seasons. However, I haven’t had the experience of teaching my own kids, so we shall see how this goes…

We plan to ski, sled, and just have the kids experience the snow. We don’t get much for snow here in Dallas and when we do it usually melts in a few days. No snow to speak of this year so far, so it will be fun to see the kids experience the snow. I grew up in Northern WI, so I KNOW snow. I don’t miss it that much, however I do miss skiiing! That being said, I am excited to get my kids on the slopes and I hope they enjoy it too!

I better get back to packing soon. The kids are all packed, but I haven’t even opened up my own suitcase to even begin packing. I did get my skis waxed and tuned, so I do have my priorities set though.

Packing Pile in Progress

It will be a 9.5 hour trip to get to Angel Fire from the Dallas area. With twins that are 3 and our daughter who is 5, any amount of time in the car can become really awful if there aren’t activities and entertainment planned. I am a planner of course, so I am getting together some things for the long car ride. I even pulled up my blog posting from last summer about keeping the kids entertained, so I could recall what works best for them: http://livingjoydaily.com/2016/07/15/road-tripping-with-young-kids-my-top-10-tips/

If you followed any of our road trips to the National Parks last year, you may recall the blogs about my packing methods. I am not an OCD person by any means, but I do like to keep things organized, as it makes life more efficient. Here is my blog about some of my packing methods I use for packing everything for our family of 5: http://livingjoydaily.com/2016/07/31/packing-for-family-trips-some-tips-to-make-it-easier/. If you read this blog posting, you know I have a love for packing cubes. I want to share the love! I will be giving away a set of packing cubes on my Facebook Blog page. Just comment on the appropriate thread about where you traveled for your best trip ever. I will use random.org to select a winner. One comment please. Here is a link to the Facebook group page for commenting: https://www.facebook.com/groups/245329795925427/?ref=ts&fref=ts