Easter is only four weeks away! Easter is a wonderful opportunity to have fun as a family while teaching your kids about Christ, his death, and resurrection. As Christians this holiday should be just as important or even more important than Christmas. If it weren’t for Christ’s death and resurrection we wouldn’t be able to have our sins paid for and we wouldn’t be going to heaven. Jesus paid the utilmate price for our sins so we could someday join him in heaven. We need to wholeheartedly celebrate Jesus for his sacrifice for us! Getting young kids to understand the Easter story is easier when we use crafts to tell the story.

Resurrection Eggs

One of my favorite craft projects from last year was resurrection eggs. Here is the link on how you can make them too! Creating Traditions: Resurrection Eggs These eggs help tell the entire Easter story in 12 days. That gives you a couple of weeks to make these before the count down begins!

Hanging Easter Eggs

Here is another fun and festive Easter project: Hanging Easter Artwork. These hanging Easter eggs are great because they can be used year after year to decorate at Easter time because they are primarily made of wood.


Easter Cards

We enjoyed making Easter cards last year. We send them to some family members. It is fun for the kids to do this project as they know they get to make them special for people they love. It was also a project we didn’t have to do in one sitting. One day we would make 1-2 cards and the next make a few more. Watercolor Easter Cards that Kids Can Make

Cross Handprint Artwork

Another project we did last year was cross artwork on a large canvas. We liked this one so much it has stayed up in our playroom all year! All three kids participated in this one, so it is great for kids of all ages. Cross Handprint Artwork for Easter