LuLaRoe is all the rage right now. 

If you haven’t heard about LuLaRoe yet, you need to crawl out from under the rock you have been hiding and join the rest of the living world. This super popular clothing line is all the rage, because it is a stylish clothing line that is purposefully made to be very comfortable. There is story behind this clothing line too, which makes it even more awesome:

Leggings and tunics are the basic premise of this line of clothing, but they have so much more than that! If you know me, I am wearing leggings and tunics and/or dresses almost every day of the week. I don’t do yoga pants unless I am actually going to the gym. It’s a good thing to look nice because it makes you feel good about yourself! Moms who are super busy and are caring for little ones know it is especially hard to find time to look nice and shop for yourself. It’s important that you do though, because a happy Mom is one who treats her family even better! Invest in yourself, so you can invest back into your family. I am a firm believer in this, which is why I try to look nice on a regular basis. Not for others, but for myself and how I feel. It works! For Moms it’s hard to find cute outfits that are also comfortable, and work for an on the go lifestyle where your are chasing kids everyday. LuLaRoe is the perfect fit. It is just that- comfortable and cute!

In order to buy Lularoe you need to have a consulatant. My two friends from Florida- Stacia and Georgeann have a Lularoe business called LuLaRoe Sol Sisters. You can see their store and current inventory here:

I am one of their customers. I follow them on Facebook where they post deals and outfits of the day/week. You can follow them to by simply going here:

I ordered a skirt from LuLaRoe Sol Sisters and it is probably the most comfortable skirt I own. I plan to use it to look cute and trendy on our road trips. I can ride for 8-10 hours in that skirt and be 100% comfortable and cute at the same time!

Here I am in my new Lindsay Kimono I got from LuLaRoe Sol Sisters.

I love how this Kimono is longer in the back too!

LuLuRoe is know for being fun and colorful. You can mix the patterns and have fun with their clothes! I have lots of friends who are hooked on this clothing line. They make the clothing flattering for most figures and sizes too! Hello, who doesn’t love that?!?

LuLaRoe Sol Sisters has some great items in their inventory RIGHT NOW, but it is always changing! So if you see something you like, don’t miss out by letting someone else snag it. Get on it and order it!

Here is some of the inventory they have (I took a few random screen shots), keep in mind there is a whole lot more on their site right now. 

The giveaway this week is BIG! It is a $100 giftcard to LuLaRoe Sol Sisters. In order to be entered to win you just need to like their Facebook group page: Then comment on the Living Joy Daily blog Facebook page, on the specific thread for this posting, letting me know you went to their group page and liked/joined LuLaRoe Sol Sisters. Simple as that!! Thank you LuLaRoe Sol Sisters for making this giveaway happen! The drawing will happen on Sunday April 2nd and will be posted on the Living Joy Daily Blog Facebook group page: