Last Saturday while I was at the hospital with Brielle I had a 1.5 hour break between my classes. We have to attend educational classes, group therapy sessions, and family therapy session all throughout the week. The program has been intense, but we are seeing progress with Brielle!

I was thankful for the hour and a half break last Saturday. I don’t know what the rest of the parents did, but I went shopping. That is the best form of therapy for me! I googled my closest DSW and I was on my way. I found a darling shopping center in Allen, TX that reminded me of our very own Southlake Town Square. I wish I had more time that day to see more than 2 stores, but between the drive time and getting in and out of the hospital, my actual shopping time was about 40 minutes. I managed to find exactly what I was looking for! I wanted a couple of pairs of neutral semi-dressy to dressier shoes to go with my daytime dresses, tunics, and capris.

I found a pair of espridrille wedges at DSW that I actually wore yesterday (back at the hospital) and got a lot of compliments. They are comfy and stylish. Win-Win! Even better that the gold and khaki tones will coordinate with the majority of my summer wardrobe. When all other color choices for shoes fail, then you can always turn to gold (soft gold, not glaring, gaudy gold) or a soft silver for your shoe choice. Gold is easier to match with the kahki family of colors, which works great for summer!

The dress is Michael Kor’s, jewelry by Stella and Dot, and shoes by Kelly & Katie.

The other pair I found at DSW last Saturday is by Mix No. 6. They are actually more comfortably than you may think. The wide stacked heel also makes them more user friendly, as they aren’t tippy at all. I love a good solid heel like that! Spikes always wobble, which is not fun and a bit unnerving. That won’t happen with the thick heels on these!

The nude color on these shoes is what makes them the most versatile shoes in my closet for summer. I love them! They have a fun, flirty, summer look that makes me happy.

This final pair to complete my summer wardrobe of new fun shoes that are super versatile, yet look fabulous, are my Fibi & Clo’s.

I love this line of shoes and have blogged about them before-

Style: Gorgeous Shoes with Fibi and Clo

Whatever your style is for summer, don’t forget to make your feet look pretty too! They work hard for us day in and day out and deserve some love. A pedicure is great, but a pair of “knock you socks off” shoes will last longer than the pedicure. Invest wisely.

Neutral colors will help you match the shoes with more outfit options. Nudes, tans, and light gold are all my go-to’s for neutrals that will match a wide variety of wardrobe selections. Look for versatility in a shoe when shopping. If you can only wear it with one specific outfit, then is it worth the price? Look for what you love, but balance it with what works for the majority of that season’s wardrobe that you already have hanging in your closet. You will find there are lots of great neutrals on the market right now with a variety of heel heights and styles. DSW is a great place to see that kind of wide selection. I love that place and hope you do too! Have a great weekend and Happy shopping!!