Our family celebrated Independence Day at Southlake town Square. We live in Southlake and love the seasonal celebrations held at Town Square. It is part of the charm for this small town (it’s really a suburb with a small town feel). However, the crowds and traffic for this event can be heavy, because people come from all over the Dallas and Fort Worth areas because its such a great event. We booked a room at the Hilton, so we didn’t have to battle with traffic and crowds after the fireworks.   It was also nice being able to go and walk around the closed off streets for the festivities and then take a break back in our room with the kids before heading out for the fireworks.  It went so well, I think will have to do the same thing again next year.   It truly made our Fourth of July holiday relaxing and memorable. As an added bonus Brielle got the 4th of July off from her partial hospitalization program. She was most excited of all the kids for this holiday.

Exactly 4 years ago at this same time, we stayed at the Southlake Hilton, as we flew here to shop for a  house in the area. Brielle wasn’t quite 2 and I was  pregnant with the twins. We saw the fireworks on the Hilton lawn during our stay here four years ago as well. Great memories at this Hilton for us! It is a beautiful hotel with great staff and amenities.

I purchased the dress for this Fourth of July well over a month ago.  It is a cabi dress.  It is the first time I purchased something from this line of clothing. It is a home-based business that many women sell. I have to say it is a well made dress and very comfortable. I plan to wear it to Disney Land too because it is so comfortable and cute at the same time.

My cabi representative is Susan L. Healy. https://susanhealy.cabionline.com/
The hat I bought  while  at the mall of America. It came from a hat store called Chapel Hats. http://www.chapelhats.com

It is a great hat store with a variety of different style hats and fascinator’s for both men and women.   It is a must stop shop for me every time I am at the mall of America.  I always buy something, and then have to fly with the item as a carry-on. The nice thing about buying a big hat like this one, is that they give you a soft sided hat bag to carry it in.

The shoes were purchased from DSW. I shared them on my blog previously: Summer Shoes for Almost All of my Wardrobe in 3 Pairs

I also wore shorts under this outfit. You can’t see them, but they were helpful during the fireworks as we sat on a blanket outside.   I have a few pairs of these little shorts. They  look similar to basic bike shorts but are in a plain white and I purchased them from the lingerie department at Walmart.   They are worth the $10 to wear under a variety of dresses so I can bend down to help the kids and not worry about showing off more than I care people to see.