In the past week I have gotten all our Christmas decorations set up for the season. I love this time of the year! After looking around I realized that I had some decorating tips that could also help you save money. Below are my top 10 tips.

1. Buy Christmas Trees that look real and don’t cost an arm and a leg.

I love Balsam Hill trees. Our biggest tree is from this company and it is gorgeous and very realistic. However, it was very expensive. I did get it on sale, but it was still expensive. The company is known for paving the way in creating the most realistic trees on the market. The good news is that other manufacturers are catching on! Last year Justin and  were at Sam’s club and we noticed they had trees that looked similar to the Balsam Hill. They have lifelike branches on the end and the fake looking parts are on the inside parts of the tree, as filler and are hidden. They are using the same realistic looking evergreen branches that are truly amazing! The even better news is that their trees are a fraction of the price of the Balsam Hill. We purchased one from Sam’s Club Last year and another one this year. If you are looking for realistic looking trees then head to Sam’s club. I love Costco and we are members there as well, but their trees do not look as realistic as the ones we found at Sam’s. Here are our three full size Christmas trees. Can you guess which on is the pricy Balsam Hill?

2. Create your own tablescape utilizing decor from Hobby Lobby.

I utilized left over garland and ornaments for this tablescape. For the center of the display I purchased the Angel and three large gold pieces from Hobby Lobby. I added the gold in the garland by purchasing some gold decorating picks at Hobby Lobby. They have an entire aisle of decorating picks. They are great from sprucing up older wreaths or even adding extra flare to your Christmas tree. Right now Hobby Lobby has 50% off all their Christmas decor!

3. Buy nutcrackers for the best deal!

I have two nutcrackers that were purchased at a boutique and were over $100 each. The rest I purchased at Hobby Lobby for $10-25 (factoring in that 50% discount). I bet you can’t even pick out the two that were the expensive ones!

4. Fill apothecary jars or empty vases with unused Christmas balls.

This is a great way to make use of extra Christmas balls. I have found that grouping the colors together if you have several vases or jars is the best way to display them. I was short on green, so I picked up an entire package of glass balls for $5 at Hobby Lobby. When you display them try to turn the the ball tops toward the inside of the vase. That way the part where they are hung from doesn’t show, if possible.

5. Make simple prefab table decor look custom by adding picks and balls.

I purchased several different table center pieces over the years. I have had to remove some of the decor in each of them because they begin looking old or slightly worn. I make them look fresh and newer each year by adding picks from Hobby Lobby, balls, or even greenery if needed. You can make a piece look new by removing old parts of the decor and putting in new. Don’t throw it away if the “bones” look good and usable!

6. Change colors within a decor piece if needed rather than getting rid of the item.

In the decor centerpiece below I removed all the brown poinsettia flowers and placed burgundy flowers in their place. The entire centerpiece had tones of brown which matched my decor a few years ago. I have changed styles and instead of getting rid of this piece I simply exchanged anything brown for burgundy. I purchased a bunch of the faux poinsettia flowers. I simply cut them short enough to push into the floral base to secure them. 

7. Shop the Decorator’s Warehouse in Arlington.

This store is amazing! It is a Christmas wonderland as soon as you step through the doors. They have good prices on the high quality Christmas decor. I shopped here for tree decor for our two downstairs trees. My favorite find at this store is the decorating ribbon. They have the best selection of the highest quality ribbons I have ever found. Their prices are good too. Not cheap, as the products are not cheaply made. However, their prices are below retail and boutique prices. Here is their website-

8. Check out Michael’s for a secondary tree for your home or kids.

Michael’s has some amazing deals on Christmas Trees and decor. One of my favorite finds there this year was the 7 foot slim tree for Brielle’s room. It was 60% off and came to a total of $49! I was thrilled with the deal and even better that it was the perfect slimness to fit in her room. They had several different options for tall slim trees, which are perfect for small spaces. If you are looking to add a second tree into your home and have limited space (or funds), then check out the great deals Michael’s has on trees. Below is Brielle’s tree from Michael’s.

9. Hang Christmas ornaments from a light fixture to create ambiance that doesn’t cost a lot.

Each year I hang Christmas ornaments from our living room chandelier and our master bathroom light fixture. I have found that using ribbon that is the same color as the balls creates the best look. Here is our master bathroom below.

10. Let the kids have their own tree!

Every year the kids make new ornaments. Our downstairs trees have specific colors and themes. The cute kid ornaments don’t exactly match the look I am trying to achieve in the formal rooms. That’s why we have another full size tree upstairs. All of our ornaments that we have collected over the years from the kids, from our own childhood, and those that were gifts from other people are hung on this tree. It is colorful and fun. The kids love having their own tree too!