The best app I have downloaded in over a year is definitely Marco Polo. My friend Robin insisted I download it and I am so glad I did. It has replaced a great deal of my texting. It is like having a video walkie talkie on your phone. Much like texting you send messages to your friends and then they reply back. In using the Marco Polo app it’s all video! The nice thing is that the videos don’t automatically erase, so you can go back and view old video messages if needed. It also doesn’t take much space on your phone storage. The video messages are not stored in your phone memory, but in the cloud. This is amazing, because you don’t have to worry about your memory filling up with these videos. Another great feature is the fast forward button. If you have a friend who is a slow talker you can press fast forward and you are still able to hear and understand what they said in their message.

You can create groups of people in the app, which is also amazing! I have a group for my extended family, one for my bible study leaders, and another for my couple’s bible study ladies. It makes communicating so much easier and more personal than text. You can understand the tone of the message, whereas in text sometimes you are left guessing what was really meant.

I personally use this app on the go. Previously I would use voice text and have been using that for years but I find I have to proof it before sending because there are mistakes.  My phone tends to misunderstand what I am saying. I can’t proof while on the go. In using Marco Polo it’s quick and easy! No proofing needed.

Business Insider cited the Marco Polo app as one of the top three apps in 2017. They have an article that provides some tips and tricks on using the app (although it really is very easy to use), but there are some neat features. Here is the link to their article: Business Insider and Marco Polo App

The icon for the Marco Polo app is a beach ball. Just an FYI, so you know you have the correct app. After you download try out the test bot. You can practice using the app without actually sending it to anyone. It also shows you how to use additional features like filters, different voices, and writing on the screen. I spent about 10 minutes with the test bot and was able to learn a bunch of fun things to do with this app. I recommend you use the test bot, just so you are clued into the various features on the app. It’s easy to use, but even more fun when you use the extra features. And it’s all FREE!!!