I planned a craft project for the ladies attending the Glory Gals retreat recently. On Saturday night we dressed in pajamas, watched a movie, and did some art, craft, and pampering activities. I received great feedback on my little craft project and several ladies asked where I purchased the supplies and if they could use my printouts. Good thing I have a blog to share this info!

We made key chains. Some ladies made them for their kids in which case they are called zipper charms and are attached to the zipper pull on their backpack. Below are the ladies making their key chains and zipper charms. Our pajama night included a bed head contest which explains the fun hair in the photo.

Here are some of the zipper charms and keychains that were made at Glory Cals. I created printable sheets (below) of images that can be cut out and put into the keychains. There are options of color or black and white. I created the black and white so ladies could color their own images if they so chose.

Below are the printable sheets, you are welcome to print and use to make your own keychains. They are measured for the size of the keychains from the Party Palooza website: https://www.partypalooza.com/product/PhotoKeychain.htm

I searched online for the best prices for keychains of this kind (where you are able to insert your own images) and Party Palooza was the best deal. You can purchase 12 dozen for $39.99 plus shipping, which makes it a good deal and feasible project for MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers), VBS (Vacation Bible School), and other large groups. People are able to customize what they want in their keychain, which makes it a project everyone can like. They are quality, sturdy plastic keychains from the Party Palooza website, which is why it is a good deal for the price.

They are easy for kids and adults to simply cut to size and insert into the keychain. Here is a youtube video on how to open up the keychain to insert your images: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hY_wQObfMRU&feature=youtu.be

Participants remove the back of the keychain (someone should instruct participants so that the plastic doesn’t get broken), they cut out their desired images, they color (if they selected black and white), and then they insert images (front and back) into the keychain, and finally secure the back into place. Its a simple and easy process.