Romans 5:1-5 is a wonderful passage that Paul wrote about how trials and tribulation can create character. The difficulties and disappointment we have in life can tear us down. But what do we do after that? Do we allow ourselves to be rebuilt by God? When major disappointments happen in life and we turn to God we are giving Him permission to turn our ashes into something beautiful. We need God in the good times and the bad. When the bad occurs we must humble ourselves and ask for His help in rebuilding our lives and ourselves. It is through God that we are able to develop good and noble character through our adversity.

The easy road is bitterness, anger, and resentment. We can turn those emotions on others and even God. Those feelings can be normal in the course of the grieving process. However, there comes a time when you need to turn those feelings over to God and ask for His help and restoration. He can take something that is so broken, where there is not a possible solution in view, and He can provide us with hope. His powers supersede earthy ways. When we turn to God in our tribulations we are asking for supernatural help. The solutions and life rebuilt may not be what you had in mind, but if it is God’s plans then they are always better than our own. He has the big picture. We do not.

Are there instances in your own life where you had a major trial and disappointment, you turned to God, and the result was a greater purpose that made your trial meaningful? It is possible with God, in our times of being pruned, to invite God into the process and we become better. We develop character and find hope. This hope is rooted in our purpose. Our purpose being tied to a greater purpose in Jesus. There is a plan for each and every person. We were created for a purpose. Are we allowing that purposeful plan take shape? Life purpose and character can develop from the greatest of life disappointments. We just need to be open to God’s voice which comes through the Holy Spirit, and allow God to work though us. Allow the Holy Spirit to pour into your heart when the greatest of life difficulties come your way. Turn to Him for guidance and you will be helped.

If you are going through a difficult time in life have you invited God to walk beside you and help you through it? Have you turned over your negative emotions to Him, so that you can focus on the purpose He has for you? Ask Him today to take over your situation and be your guide through the bad times so that you can come out on the other side with greater purpose, character, and hope for the future. Only God can provide such goodness out of our difficulties. He takes our ashes and makes us beautiful creations if we invite Him into our lives, especially during our darkest hours.