Arrowhead State Park is located on Lake Eufala in Oklahoma. It is about a 3.5 hour drive from the Dallas area. We have camped there twice this year already. We were there in January and did their first hike of the year with the park Ranger and staff.

We also camped there over Memorial Day weekend with friends. They rented a camper and joined the camping fun! We had a great time with our friends Jennifer and Shawn and their extended family. It was so nice to be around family who love one another and support each other so absolutely and evidently. Jennifer you should be proud to have such an amazing family. I know you work hard to make your extended family have close relationships and that is apparent. It pays off!! We love your Mom and step-day. The kids were awesome too!! It was a joy getting to know your family and being a part of your lives for those days.

We like Arrowhead State Park because it is located is a beautiful area of Oklahoma with rolling hills, lots of country side, and gorgeous lakes. Arrowhead state park has some additional amenities including a golf course (which we didn’t use) and horseback riding. They have stables right on property. What is really neat about this campground is the equestrian campsites that are equipped with corrals for the horses at most of the equine campsites. You can bring your own horses to camp and explore the trails.

There are several areas for camping at Arrowhead. We have camped both times at Turkey Flats. There are waterfront sites at Arrowhead, but we haven’t been able to book one yet (in fact there may not be a long enough spot lakeside for our big rig). We are quite happy staying at Turkey Flats. While camping during January we would sit by the fire each night and listen to the coyotes howl as the sun would set. There was a lot of wildlife in the area. One evening we could hear a large group of coyotes making a very loud ruckus. It sounded like they had gotten a deer. We couldn’t see what happened, but that was our guess based on the sounds. It is definitely being out in the country when we are camping there, which is what makes it even more enjoyable.

While we camped over Memorial Day weekend we went horseback riding. The horse riding was not available on property that weekend because of severe flooding in the previous weeks. You can see how flooded Arrowhead State park was in the photos below. The volleyball nets (which were supposed to be on the beach, were completely underwater), as were the concrete tables that were lakeside.

The horseback riding that is typically offered on property at Arrowhead State Park is offered through the stable owners at Robber’s Cave State Park, which is located about 45 minutes from Arrowhead. Their main stables and property at Robber’s caves state park is a gorgeous area. Typically they bring some of their hoses to Arrowhead for summer ridings. With the flooding at Arrowhead the horses could not be there during Memorial Day when we were there. That was ok. We booked horse riding anyway and drove the 45 minutes to the Robber’s Cave state park stables. Well worth the drive!! Such a gorgeous, picturesque scene of hills and valleys filled with lush trees and vegetation, fields of crops, and beautiful lakes at every turn. It is such a beautiful part of our country. I could live there. Maybe not now. But later in life I could see it. I understand why people are scooping up acreage in certain areas of Oklahoma. It’s gorgeous, lush, and pure nature!!

Below you can see photos of our horseback riding while at Robber’s Cave State Park. To book horse riding at Arrowhead or Robber’s Cave; or for more info, go to their website:

Check out all of the photos from our Memorial Day trip below.

We will be using Arrowhead State Park again in the future!! Soon!