Below is the printable calendar that you can use for your own purposes. I print one out for each month and then slide it into the magnetic sheet holder that is on our refrigerator. That way our family can view our entire month of activities at a glace. Posting it on the refrigerator is a convenient place where it is easily seen everyday and it won’t be misplaced. I print off several months at one time and fill them in with the dates, so that I can have several months behind the current month on the refrigerator. This makes it easy to keep up with switching out the monthly page when needed.

I purchased the magnetic sheet holder on Amazon. It holds a regular 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper. You can slide a regular sheet of paper into the magnetic pouch.

I use my personal agenda book to add all of my appointments and the kids’ appointments to our monthly calendar that will go on the refrigerator. I also write on it all of our after school activities that happen throughout each week. This helps to remind my kids of what they have going on any given day of the week. The purpose for this calendar is for the family, especially my husband and kids, to see what we have going on each day.