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Yes, I own a triple jogging stroller. It has a great purpose in my life and the life of my three kiddos.

When I tell friends and family that I am working out taking Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre classes most ask questions like “so is it a bunch of Moms JUST out walking and jogging together?”. Ummmm…NO, no, and no. I challenge anyone who thinks they are a workout buff and in great shape to come take one of Bethany’s classes with any one of her instructors (she is the local owner of the Fit 4 Mom/ SS/ SB here in Southlake and surrounding areas). They will kick your butt. You WILL wake up sore the next 2-3 days if you are doing the workout correctly. Your muscles will be feeling the change that is happening. You will be doing push ups, squats, burpees, sprint work, and so much more. These instructors, who are also fellow Moms, take their job seriously. I gained 55 lbs with the twins. I have taken off 60 lbs. I ate right, but these workout have helped do it this past year. I have now been doing it for a bit over a year. I started when the twins were around 6 months old (if memory serves correctly). They are now 19 months old. Over a year and 60 lbs later, I would say these workouts are a perfect fit for me and my family.

ss 3 (2) My view during a workout. Lots of toes. Brielle loves to go without shoes lately.

Why did I join this group rather than a gym or other workout program? Because I want to be with my kids when I work out. How else can I be an example of health and fitness to them if they never see me actually working out? I like the fact that they are not getting dropped off at the gym childcare; which I used to do with Brielle and our foster daughter when we lived in Fort Myers, FL. Nothing wrong with doing it that way, but I liked the overall approach from the Stroller Strides group. The kids are included in things. The group moves fast and goes from station to station, so the kids are continually moving in their stroller. When they get bored, soon we are off and moving again. The instructors sing songs for the kids and blow bubbles. Brielle actually asks to go to class so she can see her twin friends Olivia and Haley. I park the stroller next to them at each station so she can talk, giggle, and play with these girls throughout the hour long workout. When we are done the kids know they get to play at the playground.

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Playground time! I may appear to be a helicopter Mom at the playground, but that’s only because I have fearless Charlie who is willing to climb to the top of our own jungle gym and jump off at 5 feet up. Brielle was 19 months old when she fell off said jungle gym losing the tooth next to her front tooth and knocking the front tooth crooked as well. Yikes. I don’t want a repeat of this with the twins. So, until Charlie starts acting a little more smart on the jungle gym (like not walking up to one of the openings with the fireman pole or whatever wanting to jump), I will be following a few feet behind to intervene. Should only be a few more weeks before he gets smart about it…I hope.

The playground time is awesome though. It is a win-win because they have fun and they get worn out too (means better nap time)! Perfect timing to head home afterwards for lunch and naptime. Often after class there are art projects or activities planned by one of Bethany’s ladies. It is fun for both my kids and me. I love art projects that are planned and executed by another Mom for my kids- thank you so very much!!

ss 3 (3) Some of my fellow workout peeps. I love these ladies!

What is the best part of the Fit 4 Mom workouts??? The other Moms. I have met some of the sweetest, nicest, most encouraging ladies in this group. They are my friends. I love them all! I love that we can chat while moving to the next station and discuss life issues. Everything isn’t all nice and fluffy in our lives. We all have issues. We all have problems. Kids not being potty trained when they are over 3, babies that won’t sleep for more than 3 hours at a time, husbands that work endless hours, and relatives that erk us. We all have issues. It is nice to know that we aren’t alone in our struggles. Some struggles are bigger. I am grateful for my life struggles and find joy in knowing that my struggles mostly come from being a Mom of 3 little ones. Without these kids I wouldn’t have these struggles. I want the struggle because I want the kids and it makes the joys oh so much greater.

Thank you God for the downs in life, because they make the joys that much more appreciated! God is good! Thank you God for fellow Moms I can discuss these downs in life and challenges with every day.