Noise, noise, and more noise. That is our house. Unless of course all 3 kids are asleep. Which usually isn’t the case until nighttime. They have a daily ritual that they think is hilarious. It involves lots of noise. One starts a very high pitch scream, and then another joins in, and then the last one joins in. Doesn’t matter who starts, they all join in. If you tell them to stop they get even louder and think it is even more hilarious. Where is their favorite place to do this? The car. Enough said. I am used to the noise in our home at this point; but I know for other people it is exhausting.

We found a great solution for letting out some of that noise in a more constructive way. Kindermusic! Brielle started doing music classes when she was only a week old because we had our foster daughter at the time and she was 8 months old and already enrolled in classes. When we lived in Fort Myers we attended Family Music Time aka “Music Together” with LouAnne Dunfee. She was an awesome instructor! Now we go to Kindermusic with Ms. Kat and she is also a musical genius when it comes to relating to kids and bringing the magic of music to their growing, sponge like brains. She gets it. I take all 3 kids to Ms. Kat’s family class. It is always an “adventure”. The twins are 19 months. My guys are very energetic. Which in turn makes them great sleepers at night. Like 12-14 hours at night. It is awesome! However, it is because they are like wild monkeys during the day. They never slow down. At music time when they enter the room the first thing they do is run around the perimeter of the room screaming at the top of their lungs. Yes, I have “those kids”. The rest of the kids are sitting on their parents’ lap reading books (which is the routine until everyone arrives). Not mine. No, not even a chance. If they did that, I would probably wonder if they weren’t feeling well or getting sick. Seriously. Thank goodness Ms. Kat can handle my 3 and a whole bunch of other kids at the same time. She is awesome. The kids move from one song to the next, all while doing something active during the song. She has bins of different instruments. During the class shown below the kids were playing with sandpaper clackers. Not sure what they are actually called.  Each week she brings out a different bin of toys.


She also brought out the hula hoops, scarves, white socks for the kids to transform their limbs into polar bear paws, puppets, and parachute last week. She sure squeezes in a lot during that hour! My favorite time is when she pulls out her Ipad and shows the kids the new animal for the week and then plays the actual animal noises.  She then impersonates the noise perfectly. Her animal impersonations astound me to be honest. Then its the kids turn! They are so funny! My boys are just starting to talk and can probably say 15-20 words (not perfectly clear, but I understand). However, when Ms. Kat makes animal noises they make the exact same noise every time! Sometimes for the entire drive home too. They sure do get out a lot of noise in that one hour!