My sweet neighbor and friend Kristle (and her husband) had an intimate gathering on Saturday. After a 2 hour power nap, I spent some time with the kids, and then Justin and I dressed up and went to the neighbor’s gorgeous home. I wish I had taken some photos! It was a wonderful evening with several neighborhood couples. One of the best nights I have had in a long time!

If anyone reading this has any connections in TV, then they need to meet Kristle!! When someone is born with a gift and then they work hard to perfect that gift, magic happens. Kristle has many gifts…fine home decorating (think Horchow and step it up a notch), being a hostess at any event, and cooking. Not cooking. Gourmet, Martha Stewart wishes she cooked like this, type of chef expertise does Kristle possess. She is amazing beyond words and I have seen her perform artistry in the kitchen over and over again. She has a gift and a talent. I wish others could see what she does, as she is a master of this kitchen. Oh, did I mention, she is gorgeous, thin, and sweeter than anyone you could ever meet? Yes, she has a very lucky husband.

Kristle and I are good friends, so she is fully aware of the tough few weeks we have had. I am not one to complain. I do try to rise to the occasion and find the joy and positive in any situation. God does that to my heart, thank goodness. It is wonderful to have Kristle and her husband as our friends. Being with them this weekend was like a ray of sunshine. We have such good neighbors. I feel blessed to be surrounded by people with good hearts who are also a great joy to be around!

At the end of the party she tells me she is brining us food over the next day. Too sweet. Really. Normally, I decline and say “oh no, we are fine”. However, her food is WAAAAAY too good to ever turn down.

This evening she brought us a feast. Thank you, thank you, thank you Kristle! You and Jeff are amazing!!!! Love you both! And your sweet boy too. I am so happy our boys get to grow up together.

I am also happy to have Kristle and our fellow neighbor Kristen working together with me on the neighborhood social committee. You ladies are the best hostesses around and I am happy to serve our neighborhood together to make it even more joyful! I can’t wait for our two fall events! Stay posted, there will be photos to come on this blog, as the events are sure to be excellent.