This is my third year in MOPS. MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschools, which basically means a group for anyone who has at least one child who is not in Kindergarten yet. This is my third year in MOPS. My first year was in the Fort Myers, FL group, which was a large group and was AMAZING. After that first year I was hooked. I don’t know what I am going to do after all my kids are school aged and I can’t be in MOPS anymore! Well, I guess I won’t think about that yet, as I have a few years to go. If anyone suggests that I have more babies to stay in MOPS longer, I will “unfriend” you. Totally kidding. But seriously, no more babies in this house! My hands are FULL!

The twins at MOPS this morning. They love crawling onto the 6 seat stroller/buggy every time we get there. They love going to MOPS! So does Brielle!!

The twins at MOPS this morning. They love crawling onto the 6 seat stroller/buggy every time we get there. They love going to MOPS! So does Brielle!!

Today was our second week of MOPS for the year. The speaker was Shae Shull. She was funny, entertaining, and extremely relatable as a high energy Mom whose passion is the Lord first and her family next. She has an awesome blog She shares a great deal about her life as a Mom, her travels with her family, great family recipes, and her love for God. She is too cool! She is like kinda famous too, as she has been on the Today Show and Paula Deen. Oh, and her brother is the “Bachelor” Shawn, from the show “The Bachelor”. He became one of the most well known bachelors because of his morals. He actually married Catherine, the lovely lady he chose at the end of his season of the Bachelor. They made the commitment to wait to consummate their relationship until after marriage. I have a great deal of respect for this couple and watched their story unfold on National TV. It was neat to “meet” his sister Shea today. She is just as awesome as him! It is heart warming to see families leaving a great legacy behind them. I pray the same for my family. Not fame or fortune, but instead a legacy of putting God first. Making a difference in the world for Jesus.

Back to my MOPS group. I am so happy to be a part of this group! I was wait listed when I first moved here. The group is only 60 Moms total. The population of Southlake is 28,000+. It is the only MOPS group within the city of Southlake. They have to limit the numbers because they can only provide child care for so many. My kids take up 3 spots-sorry to those ladies currently on the wait list! MOPS is a desired group because it is an international organization that is church based and they create a curriculum that all groups can use each year. They make it affordable for churches to utilize their curriculum and materials. Each year they select a theme. This year the theme is “A Fierce Flourishing”. I was asked during the summer if I would serve on the hospitality committee. This would include creating table décor for 6 tables where members will sit at each meeting (each table group was assigned a different color), getting gifts for speakers, small gifts for new babies born by Moms in the group, and small gifts to recognize each members’ birthday. There are several other ladies on the committee and with our small budget we made it work! Several pitched in items they already owned to make it all work out. Thank you ladies for working hard to make our MOPS group even better!

Above are photos of the table décor we made. Yes, I sew. I don’t know why people are so shocked to learn that. I have made curtains, pillows, bibs, a snow suit for a handicap child (that is a long story and another chapter of my life), cushion covers with zippers for an entire set of outdoor furniture, and many other things. I learned to use a sewing machine as an adult and I do enjoy sewing! Not everyday, but I do enjoy doing a project or two, every few months. I made the fabric centerpieces for the MOPS tables. I also made the flower pens. Thank you Pinterest! I simply used fake floral stems, floral tape, and pens that didn’t have a clicking top. They turned out cute! Funny story…I actually made about half of them during the season finale of the last Bachelorette season; while watching it the home of Lisa W., one of my friends from MOPS. There were a few other MOPS Moms there that night too! Fun night! I have the inability to just sit and watch TV. I have to stay busy doing something. What is that, ADHD or something?? Anyway, I get stuff done, even while watching TV because I can’t sit still.


The boxes on the center of the tables were from hobby lobby. I spray painted each to match the table’s assigned color. Then I used Modge Podge to affix the theme logo for the year “A Fierce Flourishing” on two sides and the theme verse Isaiah 55:12 on the other sides: “For you shall go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and the hills before you shall break forth into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands”. I used an acrylic spray over all of it. I wanted to make sure it all stayed in tact. On the tops of the boxes I used the matching fabric, ironed it flat with creases, and then glued it solidly in place. I do enjoy a good craft project every now and then. The other hospitality ladies came and helped with the Modge Podge, tagging gifts, and preparing the gifts for speakers. Many hands make light work. It is fun to spend time with my fellow MOPS ladies!image5

We actually completed the project in July because the head of our hospitality committee, Ginger, was due with a baby in September. You just never know when babies want to make their entrance, so we wanted to be ready plenty early. I also like to have things done in advance, because you never know what comes up in life! I am grateful we completed things so early, as my Mother in Law passed away in August and my kids were sick in the beginning of September. I appreciated not having to worry about our MOPS tables and duties, because we already had it done! Thank you Kathryn, Ginger, and Beth for helping to get it all done early this summer well before MOPS even started this year. Ginger made the adorable fabric flower name tags  on her own. They are too cute!

I am looking forward to another great year in MOPS. I appreciate the twice a month break, on every other Wednesday morning, where I get to listen to great speakers, enjoy a hot breakfast, spend time with other Moms in the area (these Moms are fabulous of course), and my kids have a great time as well. Thank you to all of the MOPS ladies in Southlake who make it happen, as well as White’s Chapel church! There are MOPS groups in almost every community. Look for one in your area if you are a Mom of small children.