IMG_5686We had our annual Fall neighborhood social today. I am on the neighborhood social committee along with my sweet friends Kristen and Kristle. It was a successful event! It was a great turnout, the weather was perfect, and everyone had a wonderful time. It was a potluck and the food was of course the kind that makes you go home knowing that you ate too much, but you loved every last bite. My favorite was my friend Annika’s banana cream pie. I will have to ask her for the recipe. It was light, yet so delicious! It was the kind of dessert I could eat everyday!

My boys loved the dessert. Justin had all 3 of our kids sitting on the curb feeding them bites of the variety of desserts one bite of a time. They were like little baby birds waiting for their bites. It was too cute! He is such a good Daddy and his kids adore him! He watched them this morning while I set everything up for the party this with the other ladies. They played with Daddy in our courtyard riding their little toys and trikes all morning having fun in their PJ’s until I got home.

JP party Sept 2015 (17)

My favorite part of the event was the piñata time! Every kid loves a piñata! It doesn’t matter the age. We started from youngest to oldest. We almost made it to the oldest child before it burst. Lots of toys, candy, and goodies for each child.

I was also thankful that Taylor, our Nanny was able to come help with the kids for the party, since I had to do set, clean up, and making sure the event ran smoothly. If I didn’t have Taylor none of that would happen, since I couldn’t chase 21 month old twin in opposite directions and take part in the neighborhood event. It also gives Justin the opportunity to spend time with neighbors as well, and catch up on life. We all still help out with the kids, but it becomes a one to one ration, since there were 3 kids and 3 adults. Better ratio in my opinion.

Taylor and the twins

Taylor and the twins at the end of the party. I think we were all kaput! They love Miss Taylor!

It was so nice to spend time with our fellow neighbors and enjoy the beautiful fall day. I am so thankful for the wonderful neighbors that we have. This is what I have always dreamed of…raising our kids in a community with kids their own age with families who value what we value as well- God, family, education, and serving others. Thank you God for these neighbors and the blessed community where we reside.