I went shopping last week for fall decorations. Hobby Lobby has 40% of all fall decor! Not Halloween though, so you can skip that section. I found some great items! Lots of stuff from the floral section so I could make my own arrangements. Floral arranging is one of my hobbies. It is a money saver too, as most arrangements can be quite costly. There was a fall floral I liked at Home Goods and thought I would get it and then I looked at the price tag. $299 for a single seasonal item is not in my budget. Instead, I made mine. That way they matched the decor for each room and were the exact sizes I needed. After Hobby Lobby I bought a cart full of pumpkins from Walmart.

I ended up making 4 florals. Three were from scratch and one was from a potted simple arrangement that I doubled in size by adding floral picks and stems from Hobby Lobby.


These are the three florals I made from scratch. I especially like the little one where I added pumpkin floral picks. True fall decor.

I love fall! I lived in Florida for 12 years before moving to Texas. We did not have fall, winter, or spring in Florida. It was summer year round in Southwest Florida. It was certainly beautiful living there, but I did miss the seasons. Now that I get seasons in Texas, I decorate more! It is fun and I love everything pumpkin! Pumpkin pie, pumpkin lattes (I don’t like coffee, but I will drink seasonal lattes that don’t taste like coffee), pumpkin dip, babies in pumpkin costumes (that’s what the twins wore last year) and anything else pumpkin you can think of! We made a pumpkin body scrub last week at MOPS-awesome!!

Here is a peek inside my house and some of the decorations I put up. I took before and after photos. Out with some of my regular decor and in with some fall decor to make our home festive. Both Justin and I love celebrating the holidays, so he appreciates the decor as much as I do.

Below are some more photos of the fall decor I added throughout the house. I didn’t want the decor to stand out on its own. I wanted it to blend with our Asian vintage pieces, as well as our authentic African decor. Not easy, in my opinion, but I made it happen by using florals and pumpkins primarily. I chose colors that would work specifically for each room.

I love the festive fall colors that are now in my home. I get to enjoy it for a few months and then come the Christmas decorations! We will have 4 trees this year. Decorating makes me happy, it makes our house festive, and I get joy from the happiness in brings to my husband and kids (did I mention the twins love playing with the pumpkins). Brielle helped me decorate and shop! She was so excited!!