Justin and I watched the movie “Woman in Gold” on Friday night at home using On Demand. It is based on a true story. I really enjoyed this movie and appreciated the historical significance. We should never forget the Holocaust. This movie was about a holocaust refugee who came to America and lost everything in her plight to survive. About half of the movie takes place in the 1990’s and the other half takes place during the WWII era.

This past week I was reminded of my visits to two concentration camps earlier in my life. Our MOPS speaker told us about travels with her family and her interest in going to concentration camps. The visits I had to Auscwhitz and Dachau are etched in my memory for life. The tragic loss of so many lives in such horrific ways should never be forgotten.

While watching this movie on Friday night I remember thinking how blessed and privileged we are living in the US. But also thinking that we better never take that for granted or fail to protect our freedom. It was scary how they took Jews, both rich and poor, both powerful and powerless; and took them away from their homes, their families, and lives. Most Jews didn’t even know they were going to the camps to be slaughtered. That is a nice way of saying it. It was a massacre of people who were just like us. It didn’t happen that long ago either. Less than 100 years ago. Which is why it must not be forgotten.

This movie was fabulous. Not as depressing as I am making it sound. The movie is centered on the Klimt painting “Woman In Gold” that was confiscated by the Nazi’s from a Jewish family. It was a well written, directed, and executed movie I highly recommend others see. It stars Ryan Renolds and Helen Mirren.