Thank you Kristen Hafner for taking these great photos of my kids less than a month ago. Our family was going through a lot at that time and I almost cancelled our session, but I am glad I didn’t.


My kids don’t hold still for long, but she was able to capture some great action shots in our 15 or 20 minute session. It is tough getting 1.5 year olds to sit for any amount of time! She was able to capture their happiness in the moment. Even in the midst of our sadness with losing Justin’s Mom it was their sweet little faces that brought us some joy in the darkness and hope for the future ahead. Thank you God for the daily joy we get from being a Mommy and Daddy to these children. I love how Kristen captured the joy in the moment from both my children and myself.

Thank you Well Dressed Wolf for the adorable matching outfits for my kids!

P.S. Kristen if you have any cancellations for your Christmas mini sessions I get first dibs!! Oxox