Justin and I took all 3 kids to the Texas State Fair on Saturday. It was the same day that University of Texas (The Longhorns) played The University of Oklahoma (The Sooners) at the Cottonbowl stadium in Dallas. Justin and I didn’t realize that the Cottonbowl stadium was actually inside of the fairgrounds!! The fairgrounds were mobbed. However, once the game got started the fair was pretty calm. Not many people there once the game was started. We actually ended up staying the entire day until we had to take the kids home to bed at night. Even after the game got out it wasn’t too bad at the fair. That’s because we were in the kids area of the Midway. Not many people going to the game had small children. We didn’t wait in line to ride a single ride!

Even though Brielle was tall enough to ride most of the kid’s rides alone she wouldn’t go alone. Therefore, either Justin or I had to ride with her. The boys got to ride on quite a few rides as well, as the height requirement was 30″ if they had an adult ride with them. They are both 32″, so we took turns going on rides with the kids. All. Day. Long.

We are looking forward to going again next year! There will be even more rides the twins can go on at the fair next year! It was a great family day. My favorite part? Of course it was seeing the joy on my kid’s faces while on the rides. They had a great day and so did Justin and I. It was a day where we were reminded that this is what we wanted so badly in life. Just to be a family. To have children and see the joy and amazement in their faces, on days like this one, is all we ever hoped and dreamed for in life. Life is good. Thank you God for these children and good family days!