It seems like I always have a project in the works. My newest home renovation project, that has just begun in my mind and shopping ventures is our powder room. If you know me, you know I love estate sales and vintage Asian decor. It must be quality too. This recent project started when I found a hand painted vessel sink that had a bamboo theme. Bamboo=Asian. Just a few days later I found a vintage faux bamboo tortoise mirror. It is going to look amazing in our powder room. Now I need to find a light fixture, vanity for the sink vessel, and a faucet. I am in no rush though, so I will wait until I find the right pieces. I am excited for this impromptu project though. Our powder room has basic builder grade features and is the size of a hall closet, so an upgrade of any kind will be great.

Here is a photo of our current powder room:

My Newest Purchases for the Powder Room: