Southlake is such a nice town. It is a suburb of Dallas, but has a small town feeling. It is truly a family oriented area that hosts nice events all throughout the year. This year we bought tickets to the city’s “Monster Mash”. It is a costume event for families.

They had crafts for the kids, including pumpkin decorating, tons of food and treats, and games. The center foyer of Town Hall is where the event is hosted. They hired a DJ and the kids danced and danced! It was such a well planned, festive event. I like that it wasn’t spooky or scary, as my kids are still very little and scare easily. It was a happy, festive affair that made my kids very happy! We had several friends that went as well. Kate with her husband and triplets, and then Kathryn, Patrick, and their twins. Kathryn and her family went with a Mickey and Minnie theme and it was adorable!

My kids were Little Bo Peep and 2 sheep. Justin was the Cat in the Hat, which is currently the favorite movie for all three of my kids. I was Glenda, the good witch, from the Wizard of Oz. Most of the kids just thought I was a princess. I had one little girl that kept hanging around us and wanting to dance with Brielle and I because of my costume. She was dressed as the little witch. She just kept coming over to me and smiling and staring at me. Her Mom came over to tell me how much she liked my costume as well. My kids got lots of compliments and giggles. Little Bo Peep and two sheep, too cute! Brielle personally picked out Justin’s costume. What a good sport he is and great Dad! Justin cheerfully wore his Cat in the Hat costume, because it made his kids happy.

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My family and I feel very blessed to live in Southlake where they value families and host such awesome events. It is a great place to live! I am thankful for everyone who made the event happen! It was nice to simply show up for a event and  not having to plan and excute it myself. It was wonderful to be an attendee and enjoy the benefits of someone else’s efforts. I greatly appreciate it, as I know how hard it is to plan such a detailed and fun event! It was a successful evening and well planned party. Thank you to the city of Southlake!

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