Well Dressed Wolf is a boutique brand of children’s clothing that is very hard to obtain. Unless of course you are willing to pay the price or stalk the site on Thursday nights when they release new items.

I am a fan. I have purchased retail (when I can get it) and have also purchased second hand. Second hand, believe it or not, it typically double the retail price or more. Why? Supply and demand. They only release new designs every two weeks or so, and they are available in limited quantities. They go on sale on Thursday nights at 8:00 PM (central time).  When the new dresses or outfits are released they sell out within a minute. No, I am not exaggerating. Get online and try to purchase on a Thuraday and you will be dispappointed, as your odds of obtaining something tend to be slim to none. We happen to have business class Internet at our house (very fast) and both my husband and I try to purchase when the items go up on the web for purchase. Tonight was one of those nights!! It was an extraordinarly special night, as they were selling their Chriatmas line. They had 4 styles available. I told my husband to click on whatever style pops up first, click size 5 and purchase ASAP! He was not successful tonight, but I got a dress!!! I am so excited!

This is the dress we got:

A King is Born is the name of this dress.

A King is Born is the name of this dress.

You may be asking, what is so special about these dresses? My answer: They are very high quality pieces and they are reminiscent of past children’s clothing that embrace the innocence, sweetness, and simplicity of dressing children.

This summer I purchased two other holiday Well Dressed Wolf pieces from my friend Lauren. She also has a love for this type of clothing. Brielle will be dressed so sweetly for Christmas this year!

I typically obtain these pieces for Holidays and family photos. Our most recent family photos featured Well Dressed Wolf on all 3 of my kids:

My favorite piece is probably the one Brielle wore for the dedication of her Brothers at our church.

Baby Dedication (2)

I am thankful for a line of clothing that make such precious pieces for children. The designers put a great deal of time and effort into creating these perfect, timeless pieces. I adore each and every piece my children have worn.