Tonight was the last board meeting of the year for my Moms of Multiples group. Our board is made up of 18 members. We have a large club, with almost 90 members. That is just the Moms. When we gather for functions with entire families we can easily fill a large venue (and we will this Sunday with our annual Christmas event)! I am thankful for our board members and all that they do. I may be President of the club, but the club would not run without this board. They all take their roles seriously and put the time and effort into making our club run successfully. Even better is that they have great, cheerful, energetic attitudes about their roles and purpose in the club. I appreciate that so much! An organization is only as good as the people involved. I am grateful that our Moms of Multiples board is filled with women who care, try hard, and have great hearts! It is a joy to be around each and every one of them. I like spending time with these ladies and in turn I am happy to put my time and effort into this organization as well.

We had our annual board Christmas party tonight. We had a potluck dinner and game night. It was good to laugh and relax a bit. We all are obviously Moms of twins, triplets, or quadruplets and we need a break every now and then. It is so nice to be with fellow Moms who can relate, as we are on the same path of life right now. I appreciate the Moms of Multiples club for the network of Moms, friendships, and support it has provided to me personally. Having an exceptional board to work with and enjoy the process at the same time is the cherry on top of the cake!

LCMOM board xmas 2015