Tonight was the Lake Cities Moms of Multiples Christmas party. We rented out “The Jungle” at the First Baptist Church in Colleyville. It is a great place to host a large group. Especailly a group with an abundance of children. I didn’t count how many we had attending this evening, but my guess would be somewhere around 150. Lots of parents, but the children far outnumbered the parents. We had plenty of twins, triplets, and even quadruplets there! My kids had the time of their lives tonight! Well, Brielle and Alex had fun. Charlie on the other hand was acting very lethargic and sleepy. No fever, but just not quite himself so he wanted us to hold him for most of the party. Kids love playing at the Jungle. It is a fully enclosed jungle gym of tunnels, slides, climbing ropes, and more. Brielle would have stayed all night with her little friends if it was up to her. Alex climbed all the way up. Taylor, our awesome Nanny went inside the climbing structure with him, as he couldn’t climb in certain areas on his own because he wasn’t quite tall enough to reach. She helped him get through it all though. Very sweet! Charlie did play at the end after he took a little nap in my arms. His favorite thing was the basketball and hoop. I think that may have to go on his wish list for Santa.

The best part of the party, besides all the awesome potluck food (which for some reason was a whole lot of desserts- not complaining, just an observation as I feasted a bit too much), was SANTA! We had Santa come and he was terrific! He has come to our parties the past few years. He was jolly, cheerful, great with the kids, and happy to pose for photos with everyone. Even Brielle ran right up to him, jumped on his lap, and started talking to him. Which was a first for her! Charlie sat on his lap too, but Alex is still in the afraid phase. He is a little more wary of strangers…Santa or not. I am thankful we got a photo of all of us together this year! Last year, Justin was in Barcelona for work and had to miss the party.


I got a photo with Taylor and the kids too. Alex was much more comfortable in her arms than Santa’s. It took Brielle until she was 3.5 years old to change her mind about Santa. It is sweet that she is now a fan! I am most thankful though that she know the true meaning of Christmas and who she is a true fan of… If you ask her why we celebrate Christmas she will clearly tell you “Its because baby Jesus was born!”.

Taylor and kids xmas 2015


Here are some photos from our night:

The photo of our entire group this evening was a great suggestion by my friend and VP of the club- Kathryn. Thank you Kathryn for suggesting we take a group photo! It is fabulous! Thank you even more to April, our board member who is head of social events and planned this event and did the majority of the work! It was a great event that ran smoothly and was enjoyed by all who attended! Job well done indeed!! Thank you to the entire Lake Cities Moms of Multiples board for all that you do to make this special event happen each and every year.

LCMOM 2015