This morning was the Christmas party for my bible study group. It was held at my house and everyone brought a brunch item to share. There were 15 ladies total and a ton of good food. My favorite was Kim’s homemade Quiche. I made crepes. Which I always love, but I can’t choose my food item as my favorite.

After the brunch we did a gift exchange of favorite things. I alway love gift exchanges of these kind! The dollar limit was $10 and the goal was to bring a “favorite thing” of yours (new of course). The ladies brought lipgloss, nail polish, Starbucks items, earrings, gift cards, and more. I got a product to give more volume to my hair. Can’t wait to try it out! Thanks Shannon! The original gift I unwrapped was a Starbucks travel mugs and Starbucks hot coca. Someone stole it from me. When it was a person’s turn to get a gift they could either chose one of the new ones to unwrap or they could choose to “steal” a gift that someone already unwrapped. It was fun!

I made crepes for the brunch. I have a great crepe maker that I purchased on Amazon a number of years back. They are still selling it! It is $38 and makes crepes quickly and easily. Here is the link to find it on Amazon


It looks like a saucepan turned inside out. Very easy to use. It plugs in and heats up in about 1 minute. It comes with a plastic dipping tray and special spatula to take the crepes off the pan if they stick. The recipe is included in the box too- I always use their basic recipe that includes flour, eggs, milk, and salt. I made a double batch this morning. It wasn’t sure how many I needed and having some left over is great because they can be put in the freezer. I simply put wax paper between each crepe and then store them in a freezer ziplock.

To make crepes using this handy little electric pan you simply make the the crepe batter and then it sit at room temperature for about a half hour. Then you plug in the crepe pan and it heats up in one minute. I use Pam spray to start (only once not before each crepe). I pour the crepe batter into the plastic dipping tray. Then I take the pan upside down and dip it in the plastic dipping tray. I hold it less than 3 seconds in the tray. Then flip the pan back over so the crepe can cook. I try to get the entire top of the pan covered when I dip. If I don’t it’s no big deal. 3/4 of a crepe is ok too. Never double dip. If you do the entire crepe can come off into the dipping tray and make a mess of your batter. I takes about a minute, maybe less depending on the thickness of your batter, for the crepe to cook. Using the spatula you can try to lift the sides of the crepe. When it easily comes up it is done. If it is sticking and hard to move it needs some more time. When done you simply turn the crepe pan upside down again and the crepe should fall off the pan (have a plate ready). If the crepe sticks, use the spatula they included. Here is how things looked this morning when I was making crepes:image

The only thing not shown is the bowl of batter. I would refill the dipping tray from the batter bowl, every so often, as the levels dropped in using it.

I was still making the crepes as the ladies arrived. Two of my friends took over and cooked as I prepared other things for the brunch. I really didn’t even have to explain much to them. This pan is so easy to use!

There is a multitude of recipes online for crepe filling. I keep mine pretty basic. I like vanilla pudding and mixed berries. My friend Kathryn said her favorite filling is Nutella and bananas. I may have to try that one next.


I ate too much at the brunch, but it was all so good! The photo above was taken before everyone arrived. With all their dishes my entire kitchen island was covered in really good food! It was a great way to spend the morning. Thank you ladies for making the Christmas party so nice!!