My parents came to visit for a full week just before Christmas. It was so nice having them here with us. They were here to help us celebrate the twins’ 2nd birthday on December 19th too! My Mom painted us a huge 4 foot by 5 foot painting for our formal living room while she was here. I told her I wanted cherry blossoms. Then I decided I wanted a peacock in it too. I absolutely love the painting! It goes along with the Asian décor we have in that room.


My Dad cooked many wonderful meals for us. He is a gourmet in the kitchen, much like my husband Justin. I ate far too much while they were here because it was all so good! They were a big help with the kids during their visit. The twins got sick while they were here. Not the best timing, but then again, it was really helpful having my parents here to assist while the kids were not well. Alex had to go to the ER for Croup at 5am one morning, and then two nights later we called PediaQ for a home visit because Charlie had gotten worse. It turned out that Charlie had a bad ear infection and upper respiratory infection. They are much better today. It did slow down our activities a bit while my parents were here, but that’s ok. Sometimes it is nice to just be at home with family. The twins were extra cuddly and just wanted to be held while they were not feeling well. My Dad held Charlie for several days, almost all day long! Unusual for our active Charlie to be cuddly at all, so at least the grandparents were here to hold them and cuddle with them. Brielle adores my Mom, she calls her Mema. She misses Mema already!

Here are some photos of my Mom painting the artwork. She did a fabulous job creating exactly what I wanted!

Justin and my parents took Brielle to the ICE show at the Gaylord. I went last year and it was awesome! I didn’t go this year, as someone needed to stay home with the twins since they were sick. They took some great photos of their outing to the Gaylord.

We went as a whole family to the Texas Motor Speedway’s Christmas Light display. We even got a little train ride while we were there. They have some places for cute photo opportunities that we took advantage of while we were there.


We celebrated the twins 2nd birthday on the 19th of December while my parents were here. They were with us exactly two years previously on that date for the birth of the twins. It was great they were here for their birthday celebration this year too!

We miss my parents already! It was so nice spending a full week with them. I love my parents very much! I am glad my children are able to get to know them and how wonderful they are as well.

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