I like to think of pursuit of knowledge and wisdom in life as a continual journey. There is never a time when we can say…”I know everything, I never have to learn anything ever again”. Nobody on this earth knows everything, not even Google.

I have a PhD in Psychology, but I am still learning daily about human behavior. Especially the behavior of my own little humans- my children. I love hearing from Moms who have been there and done that, but are also still in the midst of raising their children. I appreciate and enjoy hearing from other women who have great wisdom, knowledge, and an understanding of this journey called Motherhood.

Kat Lee is one of those women who has such wisdom. I was fortunate to hear her speak at our MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group this past Wednesday. Kat is a mom of 3, whose own Mother passed away when she was young. She is an inpiratioal blogger, but even better known for her Podcasts! Her podcast is “Inspired to Action” and you can find it on iTunes, or her website Www.inspiredtoaction.com Her podcast broadcasts have ranked #1 in the ITunes Kids and Family category. It was a true joy to hear her speak in person. I have to mention that after I heard her on Wednesday morning I went home and listened to three of podcasts in a row that afternoon (they are around 45-55 minutes each). They are that good!!

Kat Lee and I

Kat Lee and I

Here are some things I learned from her speaking on Wednesday morning:

  • There are three secrets to having a life-giving morning, 1) Find out your why. 2) You don’t have to be a morning person. 3) Start small.
  • Start your morning with Jesus. Even if it is 10 seconds or 2 minutes. Start small and build from there. Jesus is the one who gives us our “why”, so ask him everyday about our “why” for that particular day.
  • When meetinfg with Jesus each morning it’s about “aligning our heart with him each day”.
  • Ask Jesus every morning “How do you want to use me today”.
  • “We get to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. This is why we start our day with Jesus”.

Kat Lee’s message about starting our morning out with Jesus was inspirational. I appreciated hearing it, as it was a good reminder of why I do start my day in prayer, getting my attitude set for the day, so I start on the right path- God’s way, not my way. She put things so clearly that it made so much sense- such as making it a priority to align my heart with Jesus every morning.

I don’t always wake up on the right side of the bed. There are days when I wake up and my to-do list seems so long that I don’t even want to bother getting out of bed. Especially, when I am waking up to children who are perhaps crabby or worse yet, sick. Those are the days I especially need to start my day right and seek God first, before my feet even hit the floor. If I am having doubts about getting things done in the day or begin to doubt my ability to be a good Mom that day, I pray. I am also reminded of a scripture that helps me get through: Phillipians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.