My Husband is into gadgets and new tech toys. In the past year he has gotten a few that I thought were definitely worth posting on the blog to share with readers. I always need help in finding the “perfect” gift for Justin on Valentine’s Day, so if you have any shopping ideas for me please HELP! I hope these ideas may help you in shopping for your spouse or significant other.

  1. The Ring Doorbell: For Christmas this year I bought Justin the new Ring Doorbell. My friend Kathryn recommended it to me. She told me that her husband was able to install it easily on his own, so my husband could as well. It is a high tech gadget, yet super easy to use! It is a doorbell with a video camera on it. No need for additional electrical work etc. It comes with instructions and you simply remove old doorbell and put this one over it! If you don’t have a doorbell it comes with a battery system! It connects to you Wi-Fi. Justin downloaded the app on his IPad and his IPhone. When anyone rings the bell it automatically rings to his phone and ipad! Better yet…for about $3 a month it records to the cloud so we can look back at old recordings and see who came to the house or rang our bell. It has a motion sensor too!! I do porch pick up for things that I sell on Facebook. If a person comes to pick up it is automatically recorded and sent to the cloud for me to check later. This is an awesome security feature, since it works with motion sensor and records movement! This high tech, awesome security  feature that every home should have sells for only $199! No kidding!

2. The UE Boom Speaker: My husband has purchased too many portable speakers to mention. He is king of speakers. What is up with guys and speakers??? That is mind, the UE Boom is his all time favorite. We got one last spring and he hasn’t even been interested in another speaker since! This speaker produces great quality sound and it is water resistant. We use it out by the pool too. We haven’t submerged it, but it has certainly been splashed plenty of times and it is still works at 100%!

3. Roku: We own a variety of streaming devices. We subscribe to cable and have 4 DVR boxes for cable. We own two Apple TV digital streaming devices, Amazon Fire, and two Roku. Our favorite of all these is this Roku. When asking my husband why he likes this one the best he said “It has the most station and is the easiest to use. It has more content than the others.” This is just our personal experience as users and opinion on streaming devices. Like I mentioned, we have a few. Did I mention my guy likes gadgets?? It has Netflix of course and then lots of free content as well. We subscribe to Netflix, which I probably use more often than I like to admit. This one is a great deal at $85. If you have ever contemplated canceling cable, then buy this along with Mohu antenna (which will allow you to get the major network stations free- no more cable bills!)
 Here is the Mohu Antenna. We own one of these too. We put ours in the attic and ran it to our outdoor TV. That way we don’t have to pay for an extra cable box every month outside (and we didn’t have to wire for cable outside).

4. Thermapen: This is the best meat thermometer. My husband loves to grill. We buy expensive meats for special occasions and holiday. It is nice to know when they are cooked to the perfect temperature and not overcooked or undercooked. This tool is great because it gives results in seconds. It also has a continuous reading, so if you move it to different parts of the meat it gives those temp readings instantly as well. Try it in water and you will know exactly what I mean! We have owned several of the cheaper versions of “instant thermometers” and they don’t even compare. This one is instant AND accurate.
ThermoWorks Super-Fast Thermapen (Red) Professional Thermocouple Cooking Thermometer

Good luck on your shopping for Valentine’s Day! Wishing you lots of love and happiness!!