Brielle and I went to a production of Alice in Wonderland last night with friends. I love going to live theatre productions. I have been in a few myself over the years (more than a dozen). I can appreciate all that goes into these shows. The talent at this Children’s Theatre production of Alice in Wonderland was amazing! It was a well done show, but the talent made it an excellent, top notch show. This show was put on at the Artisan Center Theatre in Hurst, TX. We will be going with our friends to as many shows this year as possible, as it was fun, entertaining for our 4-year-olds, and it was truly an inexpensive live show! We had considered, as a group, buying tickets to the Little Mermaid Ballet at Bass Hall, but tickets were over $100 per person. This show was very inexpensive by comparision. Since many of the actors were children (very talented children I should add), the kids loved it even more! I plan for my family to be regular attendees at this theatre.

There are many children’s theatres across the country. If you can find one near you, please support it and attend a production. I promise, you won’t regret it! Simply supporting children and youth who are willing to share their talents on stage is worthy of the support from the community. It is also wonderful to see their sincere passion and raw talent on the stage, they are flowers in the process of blooming. Some show bigger blooms than others, but it is sweet seeing their talent and efforts in making the production wonderful. I applaud each and every little actor and actress from the bottom of my heart. The ones at our Alice in Wonderland show last night gave Brielle and her friends a night to remember.

if you live in the Dallas or Fort Worth area, you need to check out the Artisan Center Theatre in Hurst, TX.