My Dad came to visit. He was here for the past 5 days and departed back home to FL this morning. It was so nice having him here, especially since he was just here a month ago! The kids didn’t even have to “warm up”, as they remembered him and were happy to have their Papa back! Alex cried and cried when we dropped my Dad off at the airport a month ago. This time, when I dropped him off at the airport it was Brielle that had tears in her eyes! While he was here these past few days, it was Charlie that was his closest buddy. He and Papa have something in common- FOOD! They both love to eat good food. Every meal Charlie wanted out of his high chair and he wanted to eat on Papa’s lap and from Papa’s plate. Good thing he has such a nice Papa who is willing to share his plate and food!

Papa's Visit (1)

We had rain every day that my Dad was here. We did have a few breaks in the rain so everyone was able to go outside and play. They mostly played in our driveway courtyard to avoid the wet grass. My Dad remembered how when I was a kid we used to draw roads on the driveway. We also used to plow out “roads” on the lake when the ice was frozen, so we could ice skate on our frozen pathways. He showed my kids how to do just the same in our courtyard. We got out the chalk and he drew roads for the kids. It was amazing how even my 2-year-old twins followed the road, without much prompting or instruction. It was a natural instinct for them to follow the pathways that were drawn out. They went round and round, on their trikes and on foot for about an hour and a half straight. For kids their age that is amazing! Great, cheap entertainment! They had such a great time thanks to Papa showing them how to follow the roads. It rained again that night, so my Dad drew out the roads for them once again the next day. I have a feeling we may have chalk roads drawn on our courtyard for quite some time to come. It is their newest obsession. I am happy with it, as it is a great way for them to burn off their energy, be active, creative, and have fun outside. Thank you Dad! We miss you already!