Today at my Kids’ preschool they had super hero day. I love that they do these fun things for the students. The school is about helping children learning in a fun environment. I strongly believe that the best way for young children to learn is to first engage them in a fun manner. If they have are having fun, then the learning comes naturally. If it is forced and they are bored, the kids will resist participation, thus learning does not flow naturally. Our preschool does a great job of making each and every day of school fun and engaging for the children. My kids enjoyed dressing up as super hero characters for the day! Brielle was still wearing her mask and cape when I went to pick her up at the end of the day. She loved pretending to fly. They had a blast today! All because of one simple thing, being invited to wear super hero garb to school. It is amazing how such a simple thing can make a day seem like a holiday or festival. Thank goodness for smart educators who think up these ideas!

Super hero day (3)

Super hero day (4)