Today we went and did a mini photo session with a new photographer. We are NOT abandoning our regular photographer Kristen Hafner. We will be doing Bluebonnet photos with her very soon. I decided to use this photographer as it was a deal I couldn’t pass up and she was offering Easter photos with real bunnies and chicks! I knew my kids would love the experience of just being with the small critters, so I decided we would do the photos. It was a fun time too! The photographer was extremely patient and she had several helpers as well! It made the experience of corralling my kids easier. It was one of the quietest photo sessions my kids have had, as they were mesmerized with the bunnies and chicks. Usually all three are running in separate directions and I am happy just getting one or two usable photos. This photo session was a huge success! Although I had to tell Brielle and Alex to not squeeze the chicks, numerous times, but I can safely say that all animals were alive and well when we were finished. The bunny actually liked the petting. Even the overly excited petting from Charlie. Such a patient and sweet bunny!  Very trusting I might add too. It was very nice of this photographer to share her darling animals, time, and efforts with my kids this morning. If you are in the DFW area look her up on Facebook: She was simply fabulous and her mini-session was only $35! Like I said, it was a deal I couldn’t pass up! After we got home today Brielle asked if we could go back tomorrow. I told her “not tomorrow, but another time for sure!”. I look forward to doing other mini sessions with her again, as I know my kids will enjoy it and we will get adorable photos.

I even got in a few of the photos. I hadn’t planned on being in the photos, but I am glad the photographer asked me to sit with the kids for a few shots. Great memories!