We took the kids to two Easter egg hunts this weekend. I have to admit that I love how popular and festive the Easter holiday is becoming. In my mind it should be celebrated by Christians even more than Christmas. Why? Because it is a celebration of when Jesus gave his life for us so that we all can go to heaven. If you truly believe in Jesus, the promise of eternity in heaven is the best gift we have even been given! That is what Easter is all about. Easter is about the sacrifice that Jesus gave us of his life; of the sacrifice that God gave us of allowing his son to die for our sins. We get to all be in heaven someday because of the death and resurrection of Jesus (if we choose to believe and follow him). Easter is our yearly celebration of this event. Therefore, if we include Easter eggs and bunnies much like we incorporate trees into Christmas, then I am all for it as they all help to build up these holidays that celebrate our Christian heritage. My kids love the Easter egg hunts and the Easter bunny. They DO know the reason behind it all. The reason we celebrate Easter is because of Jesus. Just ask Brielle and she will tell you that Easter is about Jesus being our Savior.  We should be joyous about Easter as much as we are about Christmas. Bring on the Easter festivities~ we will partake!

Our first Easter egg hunt this weekend was put on by the City of Southlake. It was a well attended event, in spite of the cold snap in our weather. I got so cold at this event that I was coughing all night. Ugg…next time I will dress warmer. The next day we all dressed warmer for the next Easter egg hunt! Even though the thermometer said it was 57 degrees out, it was actually 37 with the wind chill. Cold is an understatement, especially when it looks like spring is in full bloom and we were in the pool earlier this week- no kidding, here is the pic:


Here are the pics from the Southlake Easter egg hunt and our frozen ears, noses, and toes. We managed to stay all of about an half hour-ha! We stayed for the Easter egg hunting, and then we were back in the vehicle with the heat on high!

Our second Easter event this weekend was held at my dear friend Trish’s house. They had an Easter bunny, good food, lots of friends, and an Easter egg hunt! The event was put on for our MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group, as Trish is our current Co-President. My kids had a lot of fun at this event! I dressed them extra warm, since we got chilled to the core at the event the previous day. They were happy, warm, and enjoyed being with their friends the most (especially Brielle).