I have served as the President of the Lake Cities Moms of Multiples for the past two years. I am now going to serve as “Past President” and pass the torch onto fellow board member and leader, April. She is going to be a great leader of our club! I am so grateful for my time as the LCMOM President. I have formed such wonderful friendships and relationships with these ladies that I will remember for a lifetime. It has been a wonderful past two years. We had a board member barbecue tonight, as a celebration of our hard work during this past year. Each and every one of these ladies are amazing and so hard working! I am thankful for all of them.

Our barbecue was hosted at my friend Kathryn’s home. She has served as Vice President of our club for the past two years. She is also one of my dearest friends. We typically see each other several times a week as we are in the Moms of Multiples club together, we serve on the board, we are both in MOPS, and we are in the same weekly bible study. I appreciate her friendship and our time together. Thank you Kathryn and Patrick for hosting our board and ALL of our children this evening!


At the barbecue my board members gave me one of the nicest gifts ever! If I know Kathryn at all, I would say she had a lot to do with making this gift happen, as she is super creative and thoughtful! They created a Mag Libs book (like Mad Libs). I appreciate the kind words each of these ladies wrote- it means so much to me! I wanted to share it here, so that the words can be saved not only in my memory, but here on my Blog. It just means so much to me. Thank you again ladies! I love you all!