When we initially toured our home for possible purchase over two and a half years ago, the one room that left me disappointed was the powder room. It was just ok. The rest of the house left me saying “Wow”, but the powder bathroom was very plain. I knew that I would eventually want to change it up a bit. However, because there was nothing really out of date in the room or “NEEDING” replacement, I knew that in order to justify the remodel in my own mind, I would need to find some deals. I am a regular estate sale shopper. I love looking at estatesales.net. I type in my zipcode and it shows me all the estate sales in my area. Since I live in the Dallas area there are always dozens upon dozens of estate sales happening each and every weekend. I try to hit up 1-2 sales a month. I am selective on the ones I chose to go and shop. Most of the listings show an average of 100 photos of their estate sale items for sale. I look through their photos and see if there is anything I want to buy. Because I like the vintage Asian style, I look for multiple items for sale at an estate sale, in that vintage Asian style, in order to take the time to shop there. I have been quite successful in my shopping ventures using estatesales.net.

Our bathroom renovation project  started because of a piece I found listed on estatesales.net. It was actually a new sink vessel that was for sale at a Colleyville estate. This home was a true estate with a large main home and then multiple guest homes on the property. This sink vessel was intended for one of the guest home bathrooms, but was never installed.  I absolutely love it. It is such a cool sink vessel. I bought it months ago. I had to then find a bathroom cabinet that fit the small space, a mirror, and a light fixture to match my renovation project vision.

bathroom renovation project complete (12)

After finding the vessel, I found a fantastic Chinese Chippendale style mirror from the 1960’s in mint condition. It is exactly the style I wanted and just the right size. However, it literally took me months to find the vanity. We needed a vanity with a depth of exactly 20″ because of the size of the room and the size of the sink basin. I then needed it to be no wider than 40″. These measurements made it a challenge to find what I needed. Especially since I needed to find a vanity that did not have a sink already installed. I found one in the Dallas design district. It has a lovely white marble top that allows the sink to really be highlighted in this bathroom. Below are some before and after photos of our powder room.


We removed the cabinet above the toilet. I spent three hours sanding and repainting it (and I did a great job). But then we decided it looked better without a cabinet of any kind. It was no longer needed since the new vanity has a spacious enough cabinet for a powder room.


Some other details I found for the room include a faucet that is shaped like bamboo, which matches the style of the faux bamboo mirror and the bamboo painted sink vessel:

bathroom renovation project complete (1)

Another small detail was replacing the light fixture. I found one that had some simple Asian lines to it. Nothing too elaborate, but enough to go with the rest of the décor.

bathroom renovation project complete (11)

I asked Justin for Mother’s Day to have all these items installed and the bathroom completed. I love my husband. He arranged for workers to come and get the job done. Once it was done I retouched the paint myself and now the job is complete! If I could install a sink myself and rewire a light fixture I would have done the job myself, but I am not that skilled (yet…). Now my powder room bathroom matches the rest of the style I have in our home. Here is a photo gallery of the completed bathroom project. The carved piece on the back wall was purchased on our honeymoon in Thailand. I also put a bamboo plant in the bathroom (in front of the carving), since the style highlights much of the beauty of bamboo. Asian style, especially Chinese Chippendale, features bamboo and the shape of bamboo throughout the décor: