I helped my Husband’s Cousin’s Daughter Lauren decorate her new apartment here in Dallas. She moved from New York City after finishing school, for a tech job here in Dallas. She wasn’t quite sure how to define her style, but we discovered over time it is Boho (Bohemian). What is Bohemian? It is city meets artistic, youthful, and carefree style. Boho style tends to use lots of fabrics, candles, and some elements that are natural (or natural looking), such as rustic wood pieces or plants/flowers in the space. There is often an edge of industrial or modern design in Boho, as the style is often found in city apartments. Modern furniture with clean lines can take up less space, which is helpful for city apartments. Lauren like modern furniture, but she also likes to add unique pieces that add a bit of whimsy and artistic flair to her place. We achieved this look in her living room recently and once again in her bedroom space. I brought the finishing touches to her place last night (with all three of my kids in tow, no less).

A few months ago there was nothing in this bedroom space. She started with a blow up bed when she first moved in. Then she bought the furniture and the final step was to add décor. One of the first décor pieces she bought was this large mural on canvas of New York City. She loves that city, as that is where she went to school. This piece looks awesome on this large open wall. The room has an odd shape, so this piece really looks amazing on this huge angled wall.


The chair in the corner is a perfect addition to the modern furniture. Boho can be eclectic and this chair is certainly more whimsical that rest of the modern furniture in the room. We added navy throws on the bed and the chair, along with peacock pillows to each that add some artisty to the space.


I am suggesting she purchase a small table to go next to the chair. I picked up a small plant that can placed on the new table after she gets it. Here is the style of table I suggest as it has the modern look on the bottom and the top is a natural wood. This table is the “Kakalina Side Table Small in Icy Wood with Iron Legs”. http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Kakalina-Side-Table-Small-in-Icy-Wood-with-Iron-Legs/11768027/product.htmlKakalina-Side-Table-Small-in-Icy-Wood-with-Iron-Legs-e4c2ef59-d34c-4c1f-990f-cdf7b680c45d_600

Above Lauren’s bed we hung a modern canvas that had lots of the colors she likes and has in other parts of her apartment. Her bedding is a white coverlet that had ruffles sewn partially flat. It has a feminine look that is also unique. I found pillow shams to match the coverlet. Using a coverlet makes a bed have a finished look. I like using coverlets, as you can then often skip using a bed skirt, as the coverlet is of longer length. Tip of the day- two great places to shop for coverlets at prices well below retail is Tuesday Mornings and Home Goods. They tend to have a decent selection at about half the price of retail (or less).  These stores also carry higher quality coverlets.

There was an empty wall on the side of her bed, so that is where we placed her large mirror and a small bench that she found that was a mix of rustic and industrial- very Boho. She loves to read, so I suggest that she line the bottom of that bench with books that she owns. She has lots of books, so this is good place for them- on a small shelf next to her bedside.


Finally, the last wall in her room has her dresser. It is the same style as the bed and nightstands- espresso colored wood furniture with modern, clean, and simple style. Above the dresser is a clock I found while out shopping one day. It screamed Boho to me. I texted Lauren a photo of it and she loved it, exactly the style she wanted. It is made of rustic wood, but has metal industrial style corners. The face of the clock is pretty cool too. Don’t mind the sticker on the front. We didn’t have time to take it off. I had all three kids with me in her apartment last night. They were not behaving that well to be honest. Charlie even broke a glass candle container. We were there a total of about 20 minutes to put some finishing décor in place. Then I had to take a few quick photos on my IPhone (I typically like to use my actual camera) and then head back home with my crazy crew.

On top of her dresser is also a tray with candles and a lovely white orchid.


To go on top of her dresser I would suggest adding a fabric to the top- a runner of some kind. If she wants to match the peacock pillows that she has, she should check out http://www.zazzle.com/peacock+table+runners This site has a good selection of runners that feature peacocks, including these below:

It is these type of small finishing touches that go beyond just buying furniture that can really help a space come to life. I think Lauren’s Boho bedroom has a relaxing feel that makes you want to curl up with a book and spend the day in bed relaxing. I hope she enjoys the space and décor for a long time to come!