We recently purchased a sofa and loveseat set that were named Magdalena. I think God has a sense of humor and simply does things for the sake of amusement sometimes. After all, we were made in his image and we were made to have a sense of humor and the ability to be amused. I was more than amused when I found the sofa and loveseat that were exactly what I was looking for and they literally had my name on them. The price was right and the quality is wonderful too! I couldn’t be happier with our new purchases.


Every year we chose a project to do for our home. Last year we had the kitchen cabinets redone. The year before that we had a outdoor kitchen space constructed. This year we wanted to put a slide on the pool for the kids. We wanted it to match the look of the natural stone we have around the pool, so we had two pool companies give us quotes for the slide with the natural stone surround built on it to give it a nice look. Unfortunately, their quotes were both over 20k each. I thought, we want a new slide, not a new pool, so we nixed the slide project. Instead, we did our powder room bathroom project and got new furniture for the living room. There was nothing wrong with the living room furniture we had, but it was simply a matter of time before the cream color would be stained by the twins. We have baby gates up preventing them from going to the formal living room and dining room, but from time to time they manage to escape. They are naturally drawn to anything that looks nice and is expensive. We decided to sell the living room furniture BEFORE it was destroyed or damaged. I also had my eye on redecorating with Chesterfield style (button tufted) sofa and loveseat for that room. I have wanted this look for a while. We decided to pull the trigger and buy the furniture once the slide project was nixed.

I decided specifically that I wanted a Chesterfield sofa and loveseat in the color grey, preferably in velvet. My friend Kristle texted with me the day Justin and I went shopping in Dallas and I told her this was exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, we did not find exactly what I wanted. I got online that night to search for a grey velvet Chesterfield loveseat and sofa set and Wayfair came up on google with the exact set I was looking for AND it was named “Magdalena”. What are the odds??? I knew it was a God thing. We purchased the set that night, and now a few weeks later they are in the living room. They look perfect and the grey color is one I don’t have to worry about the twins staining! I am very pleased with our new set!

I listed our cream colored sofa and loveseat on Southlake’s Facebook buy, sell, trade and it sold right away. A nice couple, who actually attend the same church as us, purchased the set. I hope they enjoy it for many years to come.


The pillows that came with the sofa and loveseat were not my style, so I sold those on a Facebook buy, sell, trade page as well. They had a contemporary look that doesn’t quite go with my Asian look. I own two Manual Canovas fabric pillows I bought a couple of years ago. I love the quality and style of this fabric. I thought I would buy some more fabric to make a few pillows. I would only need a few yards, so I searched online for the fabric. I found the fabric, but it came up a tad pricey. I think I will just be happy with the two Manual Canovas pillows I have.

The kids did get a slide for the pool. It just happens to the be the kind that blows up, lol. Much more affordable. It is not permanent though, so we won’t have to look at it forever. They had a blast with friends on the slide this weekend. We all got what we wanted and we didn’t have to spend 20k or even close to that.