My bible study is doing a review this summer of what we have studied over the past year. I volunteered to lead the first review, which is Genesis through Deuteronomy (also know as the first five books of the book or the Pentateuch). I did lots of research and then had this idea that maybe I could find some short videos on YouTube that teach these books of the bible. I wanted something good though. If it wasn’t good I was going to have to do PowerPoint of these books of the bible to get a good comprehensive review for the group. I searched quite a bit and finally I found videos that are so good I recommend everyone watch them!

We watched the videos of Genesis through Deuteronomy and it took about 53 minutes total. The videos move through the material quickly and yet they give a very clear picture and idea of what is written in the bible. They make it interesting too. They use original sketches that even interject some humor here and there if you are paying attention. It is called the Bible Project:

The guys that completed this project are bible geniuses…two of the three guys that did this project have PhDs in theology/ biblical studies. They did a remarkable job making the content of these videos accurate, easy to watch, and full of bible content that everyone should view. Here is the bio of these guys from their website.


You can view the videos FREE on YouTube! You can literally binge watch the bible. The average video is around 7 minutes long. Genesis and Exodus are both two part videos, so they are an exception. Give it a try and check out Genesis on YouTube.

They have a YouTube channel called “The Bible Project”, so you can subscribe or simply find all their videos by going there. Here is the video introducing their project and what it is all about. It is just three minutes long: